What I learned this week (the snowy Spring version!)

I learned

  • Never underestimate the amount of SNOW we can have in March
  •  I am very glad when it is snowing heavily and all the family are home safe and warm
  • I dislike driving in snow. It is now Tuesday, hasn’t really snowed heavily since Friday, but still too much snow around.
  • I am thankful for good neighbours – my husband and most of the men in our street spent several hours clearing snow so we could all get out!
  • It is possible to have more than enought snow (like us), NO snow just a few miles from here in one direction, and have HUGE snow drifts and roads closed for days in the other direction. This was my back garden onSunday
  • I am thankful for electricity! We only had no power for about 10 minutes (and as soon as it came back there was a rush to charge ipads and mobile phones!), but I know of several friends who had NO electricity for 3 full days, in these freezing temperatures – brrrrr!
  •  I love doing kids jewellery parties, even on snowy afternoons (www.janmarydesigns.com – available for bookings – hint!)
janmary designs jewellery party northern ireland
cat and mouse, and an ipad
  •  I need to do some spring cleaning spring clearing out – lots of stuff to clear out, and I have just found out about a new website for clothes recycling  (you can also send dvds and cds)
  •  I love having the kids off for 2 weeks – no school runs and homeworks (however lots of dentist appointments, hair cuts, sleepovers etc instead)
  •  I have started making some photo jewellery from my instagram photos – loving it. Let me know if you would like me to make a pendant with one of YOUR photos – which image would you pick?

That’s it for now, what have YOU learned this week? Do share.

For more lessons learned, as always you can visit the lovely Julie, where she hosts a “What I learned this week” carnival each Tuesday, and tell her I said “hi”!

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