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Janmary Designs jewellery and the Stormont Coffee and Gift Shop at the N Ireland Assembly

I was reallly pleased to learn that my Janmary Designs handcrafted jewellery has been accepted by the panel selecting the next Northern Ireland crafters to be showcased in the Coffee and Gift Shop in the N Ireland Assembly.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is where are the regional partial devolved government of Northern Ireland makes decisions about local government issues. I suppose it is similar to the State House in US.

Following successful selection, I headed up to meet the staff and find out a bit more about the display area available to me, and which sort of stock I should bring up.

Here are a few samples of the sort of items which I will be taking up to the Stormont Gift Shop.

It was quite daunting driving up Prince William Avenue, and it was quite foggy.

Through the various security checks, I found the gift shop and coffee shop just inside the main entrance to the right.

It is SMALL, very SMALL! It includes a two small tables with some chairs, a few cabinets and shelves for the items for sale, and a counter area which provides drinks and snacks.

It can be very busy with members of staff, MLA’s (the elected politians), press, tourists and members of the public visiting to hear the debates or meet the committees.

When I arrived there were a large group of spanish teenages packed in.

Arrangements have now been made, and my jewellery will be on sale from Monday 2 April 2012. If you are in the area, please call in to have a look. The buildings are open to the public and there is free parking. It might be useful to have some photographic id with you, but not sure if that is essential.

As I left the gift shop, I took the opportunity to take a few more photos of this impressive building. There are free tours daily of the building, and it is possible to sit in the public gallery to listen to the political debates.


It is a great opportunity to have my work for sale in this historic location.

So, what do you think? Have you ever been? Do you know of any more unusual locations where my jewellery could be on sale (hint, hint – always looking for new stockists).

The view from the bottom of the driveway was slightly less foggy when I was leaving.

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  1. Yes Janine, I’ve been to Stormont a couple of times (on business) and as part of the European Heritage Open Days in September – well worth a visit if anyone is interested. And yes the shop is indeed very small but the inside of the building is awesome (paintwork, marble, etc). Interesting to see (& hear) what our politicians/MLAs get up to!

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