Mothers Day Treats

Firstly Happy Mothers Day to my own Mum.

The plan had been that Mum and Dad would come to visit today and be cooked a lovely dinner.  However, 3 of us are recovering from a particularily nasty tummy bug, and this was one present I was sure my Mum would pefer I did not give her!

So no visitors today, just lots of treats and spoiling my by husband and kids.

It started with breakfast in bed – PERFECTLY poached egg on toast (sorry – no photos), a bag of mini chocolate eggs,

3 hand made cards (one per child) and a picture by my son.

Also a lovely set of Grow Your Own Herbs gift set.

In sunday school and church, the Mother’s Day theme continued – in fact the beautiful flowers at the front of the church included flowers called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”!!

My daughter decorated a bun for me in her class which was topped with a “Love You” Love Heart sweet.

ALL the ladies in church were presented with a small posy of daffodils and heather.

And in Children’s Church my son made me this little hanging tag with a chocolate heart on one side, and a paper heart on the other.

I have been cooked a beautiful lunch (roasted vegetables with pasta, followed by homemade chocolate “snowballs” made by the kids yesterday) and delicious dinner (Roast Lamb, baked potatoes and vegetables followed by Hot Chocolate Fudge pudding [thanks to Marks and Spencers])

I have done NO dishes, cooking or tidying, and have been thoroughly spoilt.

My 5 year old wants next week to be HIS day so he can get lots of gifts and lovely food!

In other news, remember only a few days until the St Patrick’s Day Carnival, so I really hope you will join in and share what you are/are not doing on the day.  Maybe instead you could share something of Ireland – a picture, a song, someone you once met who was Irish, and irish recipe – anything remotely connected really!

There will be some great prizes including irish linen, cookbooks, Cadbury mini-eggs, and even TWO digital scrapbooking vouchers. You really don’t want to miss it.

Some more news – in a wee expansion of I have now added some of my images of Northern Ireland as blank greetings cards and would love your opinion on them. So please check out my store.

Finally a certain very funny US blogger/friend is featuring a giveaway from my store on St Patricks Day – can’t tell you who just yet, but I am honored!

14 thoughts on “Mothers Day Treats”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you!! I think it’s great that you got a day of pampering! We don’t celebrate Mother’s Day until May 🙁

  2. bentonflocke

    what a beautiful Mother´s Day! In Germany Mother´s Day is first in May.

    Hope you all are feeling better soon!

  3. oh…happy mother’s day to you!!! i never thought you celebrate it this early? is it just in your country…or what? anyway, seems like you deserve all the spoiling and the wonderful gifts. you are indeed a wonderful mom…so happy mother’s day!!

  4. Happy Mum’s day –
    glad you were spoiled –
    can you believe St. Patty’s day is already here – (almost)
    Continue to have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Creative Junkie

    Wait! It’s Mother’s Day in Ireland? We don’t celebrate that until May! Happy Mom Day!

  6. I have made it my goal to get though all of my Ireland pictures (from my OCTOBER trip–I’m such a slacker) by Wednesday, so I can participate in the carnival!

  7. Caution Flag

    What a lovely, lovely day for you! Glad the stomach bug seems to be gone now so you could enjoy all those treats.

  8. I just commented that I love green, all things Irish and hope to visit Eire someday and there you are. I just found your blog and happy to have done so. Happy Mother’s day and with such wonderful gifts from the children; ours is not until May in the states. Have a wonderful week. Diana

  9. Lovely Day you had, sounds wonderful.
    I always celebrate the upcoming holiday. This year, I think we’ll go out to a pub since we’re away from home. I bought us some green fun beads and stuff. Actually, some of my ancestors came to the US from Ireland so I’m a little bit Irish. I’ve always wanted to visit.
    Mama Bear

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