My worst habits

Hmmm ….. probably my love of clutter and untidiness of the dining room (aka my jewellery workroom). It looks a real mess, but I can usually manage to find what I am looking for.

I’m a bit of a hoarder ….. I still have lots of momentos from the kids pictures, holiday souvenirs, books from my childhood…..I really need to sort it out and only keep a small portion, but it is a struggle to throw it away….. I’m too sentimental!

Fortunately I am married to someone who much prefers life to be clutter free but is resigned to my ways – I just keep the door of the dining room closed!

I feel the need to insert a picture here, but I don’t really want to share my clutter, so instead I will share a picture of George the cat!

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  1. Totally understand I hate getting rid of things even though I may never use them again. I’m always telling myself to sort things out but I must admit when I do it does make you feel good.

  2. I love clutter. I think it looks like more of a home when there is clutter! 😉

  3. I hate clutter drives me potty! But i think its nice you’re left to it! Dont throw things away store them in boxes or if you think you can whittle items down then keep those that really mean something 🙂 I have alsorts of memories in several boxes! x

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