What’s in my fridge!

In case you are wondering why I seem to be blogging about random parts of my life – I am taking part in a challenge to blog on specified topics each day for the whole month of May. Over 20 bloggers are taking part, and you can join in at any stage.

So…..back to today’s topic – what’s inside my fridge.

Is it a bit sad just how much I love my fridge. Here we call a large fridge an American Fridge – but it probably seems just normal size to many of my readers.

When we redid our kitchen, one of my top priorities was a large fridge/freeze with chilled water and ice (crushed or cubes) dispenser!

Ta da!

Of course we had all these great intentions that we would not cover the front with pics and magnets, but of course we do! It is the only useable magnetic surface in the kitchen, and it is well used.

So, on to the inside

Top shelf – jam, butter, margarine, salad dressings and mustard

Next shelf – the yoghurts, dairy, mayo, pesto

Next down – ham, bacon, some homemade chicken soup, a box of cheese

Next – pizza (that was lunch for the kids), chicken breasts (that’s for tea)

Top fruit/veg drawer – blueberries, tomatoes, fresh ginger, fresh chillies

Next – leeks, courgettes, peppers, spinach

Bottom – lettuce and some cans of Sprite (normally the diet coke cans stay down there too, but I am cutting down on my consumption of fizzy drinks so buy Sprite which I don’t like!)

In the door – at the top – eggs and butter

Next – more cheese – cheddar, goats cheese, cream cheese, parmesean

Then down to the milk (semi-skimmed and skimmed), sparkling mineral water and half a bottle of wine. We drink a lot of milk in our family – we usually buy 3 two litre cartons at a time.

I usually do our “big shop” on a Monday, so a bit low on a few things – it appears we are out of fruit juice and low on meat and yoghurts.

So – any surprises in there? What’s in your fridge?

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  1. Yum!  Your fridge looks stainless steel like mine, but SS doesn’t have a magnetic surface.  I wish it did…I would love to cover mine.  What kind of surface is that?

  2.  Checked with my husband – we can’t remember! It isn’t stainless steel, but has a “stainless steel look” finish which is quite resistant to finger print smudges!!

  3. Yep! That fridge looks normal sized to me! lol. Both of sets of my parents have one nearly identical. Mine has a top and bottom door, and is a tad smaller, because I’m in an apartment. 

    Now…does that say the chicken is for the tea? o.O 

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