My earliest childhood memory

A trip down memory lane today – my earliest childhood memory.

We moved from Enniskillen to Ballymena when I had just turned 5, so all early memories are from my Co Fermanagh days.

Not sure which of these is the earliest – so here are a few:

I remember playing in our back garden in Enniskillen, we had a slide and some swings. My brother broke his arm swinging on the side of the frame of the swing and I remember being disappointed there was no blood!

I found a few old photos to scan in, which my brothers are just going to love!

I always remembered the summers of my childhood being warm, sunny and dry, and this next photo is the proof – look at that parched brown grass!

I can remember standing up on the pew in church in Enniskillen Presbyterian Church between my parents, singing a hymn.

I remember going after school to our childminder, “Granny” Ward, and hearing an ambulance and being told later that was my other brother on his way to hospital after being knocked down – I seem to remember the pain of my siblings well!!!

I can remember being at the playgroup my mum and her friend started, having juice and Marie biscuits and The Tufty Club (remember that?)

My final memory to share from that period is the day Dad came home from work to tell us we were moving to Ballymena, and we went singing down the road “We’re going to Ballymena, we’re going to Ballymena” and someone asking me where was Ballymena and I had no idea (it was about 100 miles away – but could well have been on another planet for all we knew!)

What are your earliest childhood memories? I’d love you to share in the comments below.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with another prompt from the daily blogging challenge.

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