Blog Journal Days 12 & 13 My Biggest Regret and My Ideal Age

Welcome back – I took a few days off from blogging while we were up at the cottage.

So back to playing catch-up with my blog journal;

Biggest regret

A tough one, and not easy to share because despite the fact that I blog about most aspects of my life I am quite a private person, but here goes….

I probably most regret spending too much of my life worrying about what others thought of me, particularly in my teenage years. I lacked confidence but now realise I am sure they never gave me a second thought!

My other regret is probably not giving up my job sooner to stay at home with our children. At the time I chose to work, but looking back I would have done it differently. However I was fortunate that financially we were able for me to stop when I did, and the whole family has (I hope!) benefited from me staying at home!

Following on from that …. My ideal age… NOW – being in my 40’s!

I am happy, confident and I don’t care (as much) what others think of me.  I know who I am and am happy with my decisions, I have a relationship with a loving God, I have a loving husband and family, stability and security, friends who care and I get to be creative too (blog, photography, jewellery and digi scrapping – all which I really only discovered my passion for in my 40th year)!

So how about you – biggest regret and ideal age?

Finally a photo or two! I may not have blogged over the weekend but I certainly took photos!  These photos were taken at Dunseverick Harbour – we have had a cottage in this area of the Causeway coast in N Ireland for about 5 years now, and we are still discovering new places, coves to explore, rocks to climb etc.

For those who regularily visit this blog, you will know that it is very rare to find a picture of me on the blog. After taking some photos of the kids, they persuaded me to let them use my Canon, and here is the result.

This post is part of a challenge to blog daily for a month with different prompts each day. You can see links to the other participants here, and you are welcome to play along at any time.

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  1. I hear ya about worrying about what people think of you. I wish I’d spent less time doing that, too!

    Those are great photos! It’s nice to see some faces! 🙂

  2. I do believe you’re preaching a universal truth it takes so many of us too long to understand. Time spent worrying what others think is time wasted – not that I don’t find myself going there even in my 40’s.

    I love the picture of you 🙂 Yay for those children of yours and their persuasive powers.

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing…I’m sure this was a hard one! I know it would be for me. I turned 30 on Saturday and only recently realized and accepted some things about myself that I regret, but hope to change in the future…one of which is definitely worrying too much about what people think! (Sorry it’s been ages since I’ve commented. I still keep up with your blog, but have just been too down to really say much. Guess this post hit a nerve or something…)

    Love the new picture of you and your husband! Very cute!!

  4. That photo of you and your hubby is great!!! The kids should grab the cAmera more often. And yes the 40’s are great-
    it’s so true that you really don’t worry what people think
    about you so much now- it’s sometimes feels like I’ve kinda
    grown up!!
    Enjoy your week

  5. I suppose we all wonder sometimes about the road not taken… what would I be doing, if I had kept on working and entrusted my kids to my mom and maids? What if I had my tubes ligated after giving birth to my son, and Narelle did not come along? What if I had stopped my hubby from moving the family overseas? No regrets, just wonder…

  6. Love the photo of you!

    Biggest regret? Ugh. I have a few. Let’s see … taking Criminal Justice in college. Why why why did I not take computer science/design?

    Best age? I like my forties for the knowledge and experience. I just wish I could live them in the body from my twenties.

  7. Biggest regret? Gee…not taking care of myself better would the be main one. I’m certainly paying for it now.

    Best age? So far the 40s rock! I’m so looking forward to turning 50!

  8. Hi JM,

    How wonderful to see a photo of you andnyour beloved! Might you have budding photographers on the horizon, they did a terrific job.

    I have the same regret as you about working when the kids were small – I DO stay home now. If anybody with children at home is teasing this now, STAY HOME if it is at all possible – you cannot get time with your children growing up back. Also, one does NOT know if they can live on one income unless one actually be surprised. You might do without some THINGS but you gain something money cannot buy. You would never regret it. Listen to me and JM – two old (haha) ladies who learned the hard way. If you at ALL have a choice, stay home. It’s good for your kids, your marriage.

    Anyways, I am just like you, I love the age I’m at (51) and feel confident, secure, fulfilled.

    Loved this post!

    ~ Barb

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