Blog Journal Day 3 – Proudest Moments

As a wife and mum, inevitably I am most proud of my kids and husband.

My 3 kids, each when they were born :-

(no – not triplets, it was 3 c/sections over 7 years)

You can see how they look now in the latest blog header above.

My husband – he is a my best friend, a wonderful dad and husband and does an amazing job

Other proud achievements

This blog – when I started blogging it was to share my digital scrapbooking. I didn’t tell anyone I knew in the real world for months! I was not sure anyone would want to read it, never imagining what a wonderful community of friemds I would discover through the world of blogging. So here I am, 3 years later, still blogging!

Here are are a few of my previous blog headers:

My digital scrapbooking – for something I taught myself to do, I love being creative, making layouts for myself, having others PAY me to do it for them, and getting some of my layouts printed!

A few early layouts

And being published in a REAL magazine, that you can buy in a REAL shop

My jewellery – that I have created a small business which again PAYS me to do something I love.

So what makes you proud?

This post is part of a challenge to blog daily for a month with different prompts each day. You can see links to the other participants here, and you are welcome to play along at any time.

I am also joining in for the first time at Chatting At the Sky Tuesday Unwrapped as for each of these I am proud of, I am also so very thankful for.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

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  1. I just had a proud moment! I learned how to add a link on my blog! Seriously, my two girls are among my proudest accomplishments. Carla

  2. Those are all amazing achievements. I am so impressed with your scrapbooking, I only really discovered it this week following participants in Toddler Awesome’s theme a day project. It looks really cool and I’ve got to make time to learn more.

  3. Some pretty great achievements there, JanMary!

    I’m proud that I’m still here blogging.. Every time I wonder if I should just hang it all up, I tell myself I’ll go one more day. Two years later and I’m still here.

  4. (trying again) I love the “being published in a REAL magazine” comment.
    Our youngest’s school class fell foul of one of those “get your poetry into a real book” competitions, where the only people who buy the book are the parents whose kids poetry is in the book and everyone who enters gets in! That was quite a few years ago though.

  5. G’day JM

    Why my proudest moment was when I graduated … at age 43. Our daughter graduated from high school the very next day. How cool is that? All the years I told myself I “never needed a graduation certificate for anything” – well that was all a cover up. Even if I should never again need it to secure a job, it did something deep down inside of me to know I COULD do it.

    Of course, like you my husband and children are right with this moment – they are the REASON I pursued it, after all.

    Lovely post as usual, thanks for a good read during my morning coffee.

    I’ve been working on a tatted piece of jewellery, my own pattern and I am very excited at how its turning out. Will have to send you a sneak preview.

    Wishing you an extra special day today!


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