On the 10th of December .. Christmas movies and books

At the beginning of each December, when the Christmas boxes come down from the attic, one of the boxes I most look forward to opening is the one that contains the Christmas films and books.

Until Christmas Eve I like to leave them under the Christmas tree, until they are replaced by the presents! The thought of lots of wrapped presents under the tree might just be too tempting so I keep them elsewhere until Christmas Eve.

Some of my favourite movies include

Miracle on 34th Street (both versions)

The Santa Clause (all 3 of them)


It’s A Wonderful Life

The Snowman (Raymond Briggs)

Shrek the Halls

And my favourite Christmas Books

ANY nativity story! – but especially this one, The Story of Christmas – A Nativity Tale for Children, which has photos of the traditional school nativity, tea towels and all!

The Tale of Three Trees

Twas The Night Before Christmas

What about you – which movies and books would you choose or add to the list?

The snow has gone! I am sure it will return, but for now I am NOT missing it at all (sorry to gloat to those who are still snowed in and shovelling their way out)

5 thoughts on “On the 10th of December .. Christmas movies and books”

  1. I love Christmas movies, Miracle on 34th St and It’s a wonderful life would definitely go on the favourites list. I don’t get much chance to watch them though, it’s all Frosty th Snowman, Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Polar Express around these parts, not that I’m complaining they’re pretty good too.

    I have to watch what I show Chloe, she still takes everything really literally so when she heard “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” last week I had to sit through a 15 minute reprimand on why it would be far too dangerous to have a hippopotamus in the house:)

  2. I love reading the book The tale of Three Trees and a night before Christmas to the boys before bed on Christmas Eve. I love watching Miracle on 34th Street and the boys LOVE watching Mickey’s Once upon a Christmas. (It doesn’t matter what time of year!). The boys always have to listen to Mickeys Christmas Songs on the CD in the car. The louder the better! You might hear us as we drive about! Think daddy is going to make sure it is lost aftr Christmas!

  3. bentonflocke

    sorry for being not here such a long time!
    but my MIL and a few days later my FIL were hospitalized.
    my children like rudolph the rednose reindeer moovie!
    have a great time in advent!

  4. I LOVE It’s a Wonderful Life…my absolute favorite! If you’re lucking for funny, mindless Christmas movies, we also enjoy Elf and Christmas with the Kranks. I think my favorite book is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It’s so sweet.

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