On the 11th of December … a party for an 11 year old

Quite a lot of today was spent shopping for the party, cleaning for the party and getting ready for the party!

The party was a combination of six 10-11 year olds, a chocolate fountain, craft, x-factor final and chocolate cake with a firework candle!

The birthday girl

The chocolate fountain

And the items to dunk

The craft – bracelets and snowflake Christmas tree decorations


The cake with the fountain candle – it was quite impressive!

The cutting of the cake

That’s the lot for the blog this evening. A few of the girls are sleeping over – I hope there will be some sleep!

Come back tomorrow, and PLEASE comment (am I sounding desperate?!!)

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  1. Such a pretty birthday party for such a pretty girl! And aren’t you brave, letting them use the chocolate fountain? My 13 year old wanted to use ours for her party, and I said no! They made a big enough mess without it.
    Hope you got some sleep!

  2. Hi Sweet Lady,

    I have been watching your posts pop up on my dashboard all last week and have hated not being able to get over here. 🙂 I love, love LOVE these pictures. Your skills amaze me. Your what a fun idea for a b’day party. I bet the girls were in heaven. Hope you slept a little. 🙂

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