20th December – a Nativity Set blog carnival – time to join in!

I am posting this on the evening of the 20th, although the blog carnival will start at midnight.

As a christian, Christmas is about so much more than presents, christmas lights and roast turkey, and nativity sets are a great way to remember what the season is really all about.

I bought my first nativity set about 11 years ago, and most years since have managed to find a new nativity scene to add to the collection.

We bought it in Selfridges, London, and I love that it is child-proof so kids can play with all the characters, and everything fits inside the stable.

This little ornament has just Mary, Joseph and the donkey.

This set is probably the family favourite – I love the look of amazement on the shepherd’s face.

This candle nativity has more of a northern european feel to it, with a blond Mary and snow on the roof.

More muted colours in this set.

I like Mary in this one – with her arms folded!

This is the only one I did not buy myself – my parents bought it in Vienna, Austria.  It is an Advent Candle with the nativity which rotates when the candles are lit.  My son called it the Jesus helicopter, which I love!  I learnt last year through my blog that this is called a Christmas Pyramid in Austria.


This set looks like they are made of modelling clay, and I put them on a mini tree of their own this year, as they tend to get “lost” on a bigger tree.

This knitted one is not mine, but is always part of the Christmas decorations in our church.

Finally, I added this wee one to the collection this year – I bought it at an Outlet Shopping Centre – you never quite know where you will find a Nativity set, and from experience, if the price is reasonable,  I now buy them when I see them, or else I tend to regret it.

So now it is over to you!
Do you have any Nativity Sets on display in your own home? If so, please blog about it and add your link below.  Even if it is to a past post, that is fine, just link us up.
Don’t have a Nativity Set? – don’t worry – find a link to one you would like to buy or make, and blog about it, and add your link here too.  Please link to this blog as part of your post.
There will be prizes for participants – chosen at random. 
By visiting the other links added, hopefully we will get to discover some new blog friends around the world.
Even if you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave me a comment, and let me know which Nativity you like best.  

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  1. oh janmary!! love all the photos of those nativity set. next year i will try to have more if i get to find nice ones…and maybe more space to display them. i shared the small set i have here….

  2. It is hard to pick just one that I like the best! I like the nativity candle, the “Jesus Helicopter,” and especially the one that you said was your family favorite with the rounded bodies. Plus the last one is really cute, too!! Merry Christmas! Karen

  3. All of your Nativity sets are wonderful.
    And I appreciate being able to participate in this party.

  4. I love the roly poly look of some of yours. I think the uniqueness of the Nativities appeals to me so I’m glad you decided to do this carnival. I have just remembered that I don’t have my old one out. If I can find it, I’ll do another post and link back. It was one the children played with when they were little and I’ve had it many, many years.
    Mama Bear

  5. Such a clever idea and I love your sets. Thanks for sharing this hop. I’ve already gone through a few and I’m encouraged to buy more sets and space them throughout the house next year.

  6. What lovely nativities — I loved looking at all of them! We have 2 — one small one for the kids to play with, and then a bigger Lenox one. Unfortunately, “Mistakes were made” this year and my son played with the wrong one with the results you would expect. He’s just lucky it is the season for peace on earth and goodwill toward small boys. 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh Jan… these are SOOOO precious!! i have to admit, I do not own one single Nativity set. Yours are so beautiful!! I love them!


  8. We have just a tiny one almost like your last one, and then the kids are still making their cork and clothes pegs characters for a home-made one… I’ll see if I am allowed to take a look later (as it is supposed to be a big secret! Shhh… from Dad, so I suppose they won’t mind me)

  9. You have some beautiful, unique Nativity sets. Thanks for the fun Nativity carnival. 🙂

  10. Wow, what a wonderful blog party – one that focuses on Jesus’ birth! I just came across this after doing a search on nativity on blogspot. I would have joined in right away since I have an entire blog just on my nativity collection:

    I enjoy seeing the third picture down with Mary and Baby Jesus on the Donkey with Joseph alongside. This is a delightful depiction of the flight out of Bethlehem to Egypt. I have been adding these Flight to Egypt figures to my nativity collection and will feature them in a post soon.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Here via the blog critique! My favourite nativity is the knitted one: so jolly, so colourful! I also love the German traditional one. I would love to have a nativity collection! I may start one!

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