Galway City, part of our Home Exchange

Yesterday afternoon we headed into Galway for a little retail therapy and then dinner.

There were a lovely little toy shop full of amazing wooden and traditional toys

and a wonderful spiral staircase

Some great graffitti/wall art

Winding bustling streets

with the usual array of buskers for entertainment (oops – no photos of those).

We went for delicious fish and chips from McDonaghs (again, disappointment for my son when he realised it was not McDonalds!)

The only tragedy was that I stumbled across a bead shop AFTER it had closed for the day 🙁 Will I manage an entire week without adding to my stash of beads? It is looking like a distinct possibility!.

Galway seems compact and vibrant, and definitely worth a wander around. Where is one of your favourite cities or places to visit?

(And no, I’m not being paid by the Galway City tourist board!)

Next post will hopefully be about the Cliffs of Moher.

7 thoughts on “Galway City, part of our Home Exchange”

  1. Debbie Dillon

    Hello there! Love all the great photos. Just stumbled over here from the Blog Frog.
    Definitely, one of my favorite places I’ve visited was Paris! It was incredible.

  2. jen @ homeinthecountry

    We really enjoyed walking around Galway when we were there! Did you see the swanky McDonalds (the real one)? We were so impressed!!

    I’ve been looking through your trip pictures – they are stunning! So pretty, makes me want to head back for another visit… 🙂

  3. Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    Wow – that graffiti is something!

    My absolutely favorite city is San Francisco – I’d marry it if I could.

  4. Marcia (123 blog)

    Mmmmmm, love your pics – the bustling streets remind me of Kinsale 🙂

    I have lots of favourite cities – the one I loved and didn’t explore enough is Edinburgh (sick husband on holiday!)

  5. where exactly did you find the graffiti wall art? like i know in Galway city but was it near and noticeable shops/ landmarks or on a specific street?
    directions would me a HUGE help !!!! 🙂

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