Blog Journal Day 10 and 11 What I’m Scared of and Where I Live

What I am scared of:

little things : spiders,mice, rats (can’t even watch Ratatouille!),birds and feathers

big things: anyone in my family being seriously ill, my kids not being happy and financially secure when they are older.

but my Christian faith helps me know that God is in control, no matter what happens.

Where I live:

Being the internet, I don’t plan on sharing TOO much detail on my exact location, but we live about 10 miles outside Belfast, on the edge of a medium sized town in Northern Ireland.  We live in a detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac with friendly neighbours.

We can walk to school, the local shop and a small park with a pond where we can feed the ducks. There are times when we talk about wanting to move into a more rural community, with more garden. However, we spend so much time driving our kids around to events at church and in town, that any further out would mean even longer in the car.

Also, with my new kitchen and bathroom makeovers, if I move anywhere, I would want to take them with me!

We moved to this house over 11 years ago, all 3 kids learned to walk here, went to their first day of school, learned to ride their bikes ….. it may be a modern house, but it is already full of memories.

Here are a few photos to share

So what scares you, and where do you live?

This post is part of a challenge to blog daily for a month with different prompts each day. You can see links to the other participants here, and you are welcome to play along at any time.

13 thoughts on “Blog Journal Day 10 and 11 What I’m Scared of and Where I Live”

  1. LOVE the pictures… and adore your description of your neighborhood. Sounds like its perfect!!


  2. I love how you categorized your fear! 🙂 I’m very, very with you on spiders. Unfortunately my two year old doesn’t share my fear and wants me to “see” the spiders she catches.

    Your home is beautiful! It’s obvious that you have put a lot of work into making it a warm place to come home to.

  3. you have a lovely home! i hope to built mine soon enough. sorry i cannot think straight right now of what things i fear…. hehehe. i am just pretty stressed out lately because of our move. someday i will get the chance to share them. thank to my blog friends… i get a little time to relax my mind and read something about you guys… see you soon in blogland!!

  4. your home is lovely – and Belfast is too – so enjoyed seeing it –
    I am really scared of roaches, and snakes – and bad thunderstorms – oh yeah – and of drowning!!

  5. My fear is always around my children. The news is full of horror stories all the times. I have to learn to control my fear and allow them the room to grow. Thankfully they are sensible girls but that doesnt stop me worrying.

  6. I so love your kitchen stove! I want one!

    Where we live is in a small town on the one of the main intersections. It’s dangerous and I always fear crossing the street because many drivers act as if they own the road. Several people have already been hit here.

  7. purplepolkadots

    Your house is gorgeous! And I know what you mean, being able to walk places is so important.

  8. I’m truly enjoying your daily posts. Is it hard to set aside the time?

    It’s not till one mulls over in one’s mind the thought of moving to make you think of the blessings of where you are, right here right now.

    It’s funny, I was listening to a podcast The Splendid Table the other day and the woman on there was talking about kitchen cabinets – a sort that are stackable and moveable. She said they are popular in Europe. You take them with you when you go!

    I think it’s wonderful your children have such a stable environment – my father was in mining and we probably moved a half dozen times. I never got the opportunity to make life long connections with friends and it was so hard continuosly cultivating new friendships. That’s ok for adults but hard on a kid.

    Thank you for your post!

    Love, Barb

  9. Creative Junkie

    What scares me: failure and success – equally.

    Where I live: Upstate NY. When are you coming to visit?

  10. bentonflocke

    love the quote that you know that God is in control, no matter what happens
    Beautiful description of the place where you live.
    Have a good start in the new week

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