WARNING Don’t iron clothes while they’re being worn!

The title of this blog, I promise, was part of the instructions that came with my new iron yesterday. I understand why companies include such warnings, but it still amazes me that it should be necessary.

Today the kids finished school for the summer. We will be up at the cottage for 5 weeks, and then another week later in August. Really looking forward to it – hoping for the same glorious weather we had last year, but not much sign of it yet. At the end of August I will turn 40, so there is something else to look forward to!!

No digi-layout to share tonight – just some photos from the garden yesterday. Mostly flowers, a few with George (the cat) tolerating Sam (the toddler) before disappearing, and Jane and Sam in the garden. All credit for any plants surviving in our garden, are due to my parents – our visiting talented gardeners who come the plants’ rescue from time to time.

Will take my laptop up to cottage, hope to keep on creating layouts. Not sure how often I will update blog, but I will try to – promise.
Take care. Comments or signing my guest book always to be encouraged.

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  1. Hi there!
    I stopped by from DST blog train to say HI. Great blog! Love the pics.
    Have a wonderful stay at the cottage.

  2. LOL- don’t you love those inane labels?? A trip to a cottage in summer sounds nice (it’s winter here in NZ of course!). Nice to see some summery photos.

    Lynn G

  3. hi JanMary! thanks for your visit to my blog… I’ve been spotty at best lately – and comments are much welcomed by me, too! Luvly pics – too cute specially are the ones w/ son & kitty! Thanks for sharing. Your layouts are charming too. I need to take more time to do some – perhaps over the next few weeks. I will be praying for a restful time for you at your cottage & thinking of you there! Please send me a message when you update, so I can come read you!


  4. LOL!! My hubby and I love to read all the silly warnings on things and wonder what kind of incident had to happen to make them put that on there! Hope you’re having a wonderful trip!

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