Daffodil day

Although there are no daffodils blooming in our garden yet, I could not resist the bunches that were for sale in the supermarket yesterday.

Now for What I learned this week.

  • I learned on Sunday when you ask kids to write letters to missionary kids in Africa that the boys will write about which football team they support, and the girls will write about their pets, apart from one girl wrote about her favourite shopping centre!

  • In my Tuesday morning group we discussed hospitality, and how we can use our homes, basing our study on Lydia in Acts 16.

  • I learned that mobile phones are great communication devices, even in the home. My husband is in bed recuperating and has phoned me downstairs to talk to me, as I had not heard him calling.

  • I learned I am not cut out to be a nurse!

  • I learned that when you accept to speak (for the first time EVER) to a church ladies group about digital scrapbooking that although you may not have been daunted at the time, that on the day (yes – TODAY) of the talk you wonder why you ever agreed!

  • I also learned that being told “Don’t worry, I am sure there won’t be many more than 50 (Yes – FIFTY!) coming to hear you” somehow has not reassured me.

I will let you know how it goes. What have you learned this week?

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  1. The flowers sure are beautiful and they definitely make me wish Spring were here already! I had to laugh about your husband calling you downstairs….I’ve been known to do that myself, lol! Good luck with your talk on digi today – I’m sure you’ll do just fine. πŸ™‚

  2. You will be great at speaking on digi scraping. Your layouts are amazing. You will have support there as well!

  3. You will do fine! Love the flowers I love all the spring flowers but I have a black thumb! lol

  4. What pretty daffodils! I love studies on
    Lydia and am laughing too about the husband on the cell. I call my husband from the upstairs when he is in his basement office. Then I figured out instant message. He can’t get away now – at least when he is on his computer.

    Have a great day.

  5. you will do great! Im sure of it. Digital Scrapbooking is so exciting once you find your grove the discussion will just flow

  6. The daffodils are beautiful – I’ve been looking for some to put inside my house. I’m not cut out to be a nurse either. I think husbands are the hardest patients. Good luck with your presentation – you definitely know what you’re talking about so it’ll be great.

  7. You learned a LOT this week! I’m very excited for you on your St. Patrick’s Carnival.

    You had me laughing over the responses you got to the missionary children… thats not what I would have expected either?

    It is GOOD to have study with friends. I’m loving one I began myself. Its an online thing with the women from our church. I will have to tell you about this!

    My Mr. and I have communicated via phone paging, thumping the floor (when he’s down below in his office and has misplaced the phone & also via chat on computer. Dropping trails of chocolate always is effective too πŸ™‚

    I’m not such a good nurse, neither… I have to admit.

  8. love those daffodils — they are starting to come up along the roadsides and fields here. Can’t wait to get out and get some photos…

    and good luck with the digi talk! let us know how it goes!

  9. Such pretty daffodils!!

    I love cell phones too! I love to use my iPod touch too when I’m in bed and my son is on facebook and he should be in bed. I can go on and chat and tell him to get in bed!! Or…I do use the cell phone sometimes too!! Too funny!!
    All I’ve learned is, never to let my dh use my keys for anything, as he will put them in his pocket and go to work, forgetting that I need the, and then not hear his cell phone ringing so I can tell him to drive home and bring them to me!! LOL!!!

  10. I’m sure you did a great job JanMary! That’s great about the prizes for the Blog Carnival!

  11. Looking forward to the St. Pat’s bloggy carnival!

    I have also been known to call my hubby’s blackberry when he doesn’t respond!

  12. Reports from your talk were excellent – evidence of a lot of preparation and the presentation was very professional – this could be the start of something!

  13. I love daffodils! They’re always the first flower to bloom in our yard.

    I learned that it doesn’t matter how often I do laundry, my youngest daughter will still have no pants to wear on Wednesdays. I don’t know why.

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