Back to the beach

Having not been walking on the beach since half-term back in October, it was great to be back today.

It was chilly and the “wee beach” at Portballintrae was all but desserted apart from us.

I took a few lots of photos :

It looked idyllic, and very calm in the sheltered bay

These are cormorants (allegedly!)

It was not so calm up on the rocks, and the tide was coming in!
It was the perfect weather to test-drive some new gloves!
What have you been up to today? Or where do you miss walking/visiting?

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  1. Beautiful – wish I were there.
    It’s nice here – in the high 70’s and suppossed to stay that way.
    Your daughter looks so so grown up in this picture –
    I love it –
    are you loving your new camera?

  2. I enjoyed a walk in the country. The beach looks lovely, too. I think I would love a walk there. Carla

  3. hi janine!! first of all let me greet you (i know i am late…) a happy happy new year!!!! your youngest is turning to a very beautiful young lady! i have noticed the transformation…! anyway, enjoy your time at the beach. i have a lot of catching up to do in my blog.

  4. Hi JM

    I agree – first thing I have to say is your daughter has transformed into a stunning young lady – wow! When did this happen, exactly? Actually all of your children are very photogenic – and you capture them so nicely.

    How I long for the ocean – our beach will have to suffice. So glad you got good weather.

    I have been catching up about the house, designing and spending time with my sweet Mr. while he has break.

    So glad you keep blogging, you might inspire me to keep on.

    Love, Barb

  5. Last year we were able to make two trips to the coast, one in the cool weather, one in the cold. Hopefully this year we can take our camper so ALL the kiddos and grands can come. Walking with my sweetie anywhere is delightful. (love the rosy red cheeks:)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love how different the shore looks. Cute gloves too. 🙂
    I miss walking down to the neighborhood grocery store with the kids and the library. It’s so cold here.

  7. wish I were there – it looks so beautiful!
    Like all your nature shots.
    My kids were skiing today


    I miss walking to our neighborhood ice cream shop – can’t wait for spring and summer to come so the kids and I can walk there and walk back and pretty much work off everything we order!

  9. What a beautiful place to live. Is the beach within walking distance or do you have to travel?

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