Have a look at what can be done when you take part in a Quick Page exchange

Below are the 15 – yes 15 layouts I have done this evening! I am part of the great yahoo group Dusty Bear https://groups.yahoo.com/group/dustybear/.

We got an amazing 20 pages from each other – all using Lara Payton’s Romantic Memories kit.

I have had an old tin of photos and letters since I was a teenager. There are a lot of my Dad’s holiday snaps from the 50’s, so I have mostly used those (He is Sam – can you spot him?). I have also some more with a summer holiday theme, so I have included those too. The layout of the 2 older ladies in black with hats includes my great grandmother (the smaller one on the right – she looks a character!). Quite a few of the people in the pictures are relatives or family friends, but I have only included basic journalling at this stage. I plan to add more detail later.

I have always loved these pics – mostly taken in the seaside town of Portrush on the north coast of Northern Ireland. They are on the very same beaches and promenades where our kids played and ate ice-cream last week – most of the locations are still recognisible.

If you are reading this, I would love you to let me know which is your favourite picture, and why.

Thanks to all the talented bunch at Dusty Bear Yahoo Group for the great pages. I am looking forward to the next Quick Page exchange – it has already started – check it out – if you aren’t in – you can’t win!

4 thoughts on “Have a look at what can be done when you take part in a Quick Page exchange”

  1. Oh I like the third one, because it looks like several friends are out shopping together. I haven’t seen a photo like that before. Wonderful layouts!!!

  2. Lara Payton

    oh my gosh! these are gorgeous!! your photos are such an amazing treasure. i’m not even gonna try to pick a fav because they’re all so wonderful. everyone is dressed so smartly & they look to be having such fun! i also LOVE these are some of the same places your children now play ~ what a thought!thanks for sharing all these with us, JanMary 🙂

  3. oh JanMary!! how can you ask for one favourite! ‘Ladies who Lunch’ is gorgeous…those smart coats and hats! and how wonderful a photo it is…strolling down the street deep in conversation, (well that is the way it looks to me) I also really love ‘The Arcadia’ ..again a group of friends strolling down the street…how different are they to the young ones of today? not by much I think. But truely you are blessed to have such fine, wonderful photos of a by gone era. Thanks for sharing them with us!! 🙂

  4. Beautiful pages and love the photos black and white photos are again becoming popular. They are all too nice to pick a fav.

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