Almost Autumn….Fall Foliage…..A Walk in the Park in Northern Ireland

Couldn’t quite decide on which title to use for this post – so went with all 3!

 It has been unseasonably warm here this week, so when the opportunity to take my camera to the park I thought I would share some of the the autumn colours here on the trees.

This is my favourite tree in the park.

As you can see there are already some bare trees.  I remember being amazed by the substantial difference between the rate of leaf change/loss on trees here in N Ireland compared to the leafy area of Brisol, SW England, where we spent a year. The flowers lasted much longer in the garden, and the leaves stayed much long on the trees.

There are still some green leaves left

The ducks were also enjoying the sunshine, as well as their restored duck pond – a vast improvement on how it used to be.

The band stand has also had a makeover …. more of a total replacement really.

 So, what is the weather doing in your part of the world?

In other news, this weekend is my husbands 20 year graduation anniversary – we are heading to the Slieve Donard Hotel, at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, so I hope to share a bit of that next week.

Looking forward to seeing some “old” friends, and we can try to convince ourselves that we haven’t changed a bit, when in reality we all know we have!

What are you up to this weekend? Please share.

2 thoughts on “Almost Autumn….Fall Foliage…..A Walk in the Park in Northern Ireland”

  1. The park really does look great after all that work, it was beautiful during the week wasn’t it? Tipping it down today of course, just in time for me to go to thw market:)

    Have a lovely time at the Slieve Donard.

    Leanne xx

  2. its actually perfect here right now
    no humidity and lows of 65
    I am loving it !!!
    Hope you have fun at Slieve Donard
    can’t wait to see the photos

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