On the 22nd December …. can’t see the wood for the Christmas trees

Among my many christmas decorations, I seem to have a growing forest of assorted trees!

From small …..

….to tall……

a thin one for the family room……..

and our plumper one in the living room






whimsical? Not sure what category these last ones would be part of!

And finally …. edible!

This was made by a talented baker who is part of our jewellery club.

What sort of tree(s) do you have this Christmas?

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  1. Nom, I’ll take two of the edible ones please:) We only have the two this year, the one in Chloe’s room and the big boy in the living room.

    The third whimsical tree is lovely, I’d have to keep it up high but it’d be worth it:)

  2. We have four decorated Christmas trees but no other kind of trees to speak of.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those whimsical ones!

  3. I love the little one with the Santa and the ladder…They all look so cozy and welcoming!

  4. hi janine!! love all your photos!! sorry i haven’t been writing here lately…but i do drop by often. just a bit busy with everything here…. you take care and enjoy the holidays!!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Nice post

    Merry Christmas and hope you have a brilliant year ahead

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