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On the 23rd of December ……..mince pies and stuffing

It is the day before the day before Christmas (also known as 23rd December) so this morning we (3 kids and I) tackled making two types of  mince pies.

christmas mince pies janmary.com

Don’t be TOO impressed however as we used ready made pastry and ready made mince pie filling!

We made puff pastry mince swirls

christmas mince pies janmary.com

and mini mince pies (using the mini muffin pan from Pampered Chef)

christmas mince pies janmary.com

During a sampling session after the dishes were washed, one child said she preferred the ones we bought from the Co-Op, one doesn’t like sweet mince at all, and one liked them…..but they all enjoyed making them, which is something at least!

Meanwhile I made my non-herby, non-meat stuffing.

christmas stuffing janmary.com

 Simply melt LOTS of butter in a large pan.

Chop 3 onions finely, and soften SLOWLY in the butter for a long time – at least 30 minutes on a very low heat.

Add 3 bags (each about 300g) of bread crumbs (or make your own) to the butter/onion mixture, mix thoroughly (it takes a while) and cook on low heat for about 15-20 minutes.

Put stuffing into your serving dishes and keep in fridge until Christmas Day.

Before serving, heat through, add fresh chopped parsley and lemon zest if you wish.

Enjoy 🙂

This quantity should serve 12 on Christmas Day with enough left over to enjoy on Boxing Day – delicious in a turkey, ham and cranberry sandwich.

Sorry for only AFTER photos today, no step-by-step ones, just be thankful there are any at all. 🙂

So do you do any pre-Christmas Eve food preparation?

We also made a start on setting the dining room table. My middle daughter made the place cards using photoshop elements and Weeds & Wildflowers Jolly Holidays – I am training them well!

My last digital order for JanMary Designs was collected this afternoon, and I have just one last pearl cuff to create to collection tomorrow, and then I am done!

The near Arctic weather continues, with low temperatures we just aren’t used to. However the benefit is I have not been tempted to rush about as I usually do. My only venture out this week has been to take the kids and their friends to the cinema. Between the icy roads and freezing fog I was relieved to be home again.

What is left on your list to do before Christmas?

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  1. Oh I love mince pies but I’ve only made one batch this year, Mr Kipling made the rest:) I’ve just made highland toffee for my dad though so I deserve some credit for that at least.

    Merry Christmas xx

  2. mmmmh looks really yummy!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy the beautiful christmas time with your family. May you all be blessed

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