Felting, more 40th birthdays, following and more

Bit of a random blog post, but here goes!


For over a year I have been hoping to attend a felting group called Feltmakers North, which happens monthly on a Saturday morning.

Finally, yesterday,  I managed to attend, and learned some basic techniques including wet felting and needle felting.

The wet felting was hard but rewarding work.

I preferred the needle felting – I made the flower badge/brooch in the foreground, using some pre-felt (yes – learning the lingo!) and a long barbed needle.

It was a rewarding and satisfactory morning, and I hope to get along to the next meeting too.

I enjoyed it so much, that yesterday around 5pm I started to create another brooch, and before we headed out for dinner, I had created this (I attached a Swarovski crystal and small silver bead to the middle).

If you have any felting tips, links or felting inspiration, be sure to let me know.

40th Birthdays :

This week I have been at TWO 40th birthday dinners – for Joyce

and for Grant

(obviously 1972 was a very good year!)

Both involved lovely meals in two different local steak restaurants. However it seems SO LONG (5 years) since my 40th!

Following :

This morning my husband, daughters and I took about 20 kids (aged 4 – 7) for Childrens Church during part of our church service.

We played some “following” games – Follow My Leader, and Simon Says. We used the bible story of Jesus calling His disciples to follow him, then our easy-peasy craft was colouring in cut-out feet. Some chose to have “I want to follow Jesus” on them.

At the end we laid out the foot prints on the floor…..

Finally, yesterday I discovered a blog I would love to share with you. It is www.kissesfromKatie.blogspot.com – written by an inspiring 22 year old American, Katie who lives and works in Uganda – she has adopted 13 orphaned girls, and runs a daily feeding programme, employing 12 locals, at a Ugandan school enabling over 1600 kids to get food and access education every day – WOW! Her faith and maturity is both inpsiring and challenging.

Katie has written a book Kisses From Katie – A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption which I plan to order, having heard a radio interview with her yesterday.

So – a bit of a mixed bag of a blog post! Welcome to my world!!!

(All photos for this post taken with my iphone)

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  1. I love the randomness 🙂 And your brooch.

    The feltmakers group sounds perfect for you. I also think you’re an awesome Sunday School teacher – do you do this every week? or is it on a schedule? I often think I’d like to do that kind of thing but not weekly and then in our church once you sign up, you’re in for life 🙂

  2. Hi Marcia – we just take our turn on a rota helping with Children’s Church which happens during the 2nd half of the Sunday morning service. There is also Sunday School (over 100 kids and 30 teachers/helpers) which happens from 10.15 – 11am before church. My husband has just “retired” after 10 years helping with Sunday School.

  3. Hi JM,

    I heard an interview with Katie one time as well! Which radio station was this with. I also would like to use your wonderful feet idea with my Sunday School class. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    I have had some fun felting with a friend who has alpaca, so was delighted to read your post.

    ♥ Barb

  4. Love the new projects – how do you find the time between all the parties and kids ? Lol. Off to check out Katie’s blog – is the weather still mild?

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