School’s Out for Summer

So school here is finished for the summer, and for my eldest daughter, her primary school days are over.

I don’t even remember my last day of primary school, and I certainly don’t remember there being much fuss about it.

My daughter has had a lovely last week of school, with so many memorable events, that I really think she will remember them for a long time to come.

Last monday the P7’s had an art day.

On Tuesday they had a fun day.

On Tuesday evening the party at our house which had be on/off/on again, finally happened! My daughter and her SEVEN best friends (don’t ask her to chose less than 7!) came for tea (sausages, chips corn followed by ice cream and lots of toppings), bracelet and key ring making, photo taking and LOTS of chatting and giggling.

I took all their photos in the back garden, as well as a group photo, and during the evening made them photo key-rings with a pic of themselves on one side, and them as a group on the other.

On Wednesday the P7’s went to the cinema in the morning (did you ever do that at school?) followed by a BBQ.

On Thursday the P7’s took the assembly for the whole school, with lots of jokes about the teachers. They were also presented with a Record of Achievement which included samples of work from throughout their time at the school, as well as other sporting, music and personal achievements. They also received their class Year Book, which is something we only ever see on American TV shows! The tears also started on Thursday, as one of the boy’s had made a DVD of photos and events from their 7 years set to a “sad song” which made all the girls burst into tears!

On Thursday evening my daughter wore her full “choir” uniform for the last time, as the senior choir were singing at a formal reception in the town. My daughter described how they stood on different steps of a wide staircase as they sang? I said it sounded just like the Sound of Music, only without having to escape over the mountains to safety after they sang!

Friday, finally, THE last day.

Of course I “persuaded” the kids to pose at the front of the house for a final photo – next year my eldest and youngest will be wearing new uniforms.

The teachers presents were all delivered, and well received.

There was a Buddies Assembly, where the P7’s received certificates from the junior school as thanks for helping to look after the P1-3 classes during the past year. The FINAL assembly was the Leavers Assembly where the whole school gathered to say their goodbyes and some additional awards and cups were presented.

The parents gathered at the school gates, and the wail of the first group of kids leaving the school had to be heard to be believed! I suppose we should be glad they are going to miss it all! A few boys seemed bemused by the whole thing, but quite a number of boys also seemed affected by all the emotion.
Those parents who had remembered sunglasses were able to hide their composure and dignity a little, and kids were comforted, photos taken and more final hugs, phone numbers and promises were exchanged.

I was relieved to finally leave, only to cross the road to collect my son from his final day at Nursery School to be presented with more tears – mostly from the teachers and parents! The 4 year olds just skipped out happily, keen to play in the sun.

So a memorable and emotional week in our house. As I said at the beginning of this, I don’t even remember my last day at Primary School, age 11!

So what happens in your part of the world? Is it a low-key event, for a much bigger deal? I would love to know.

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  1. What a moment in time your daughter has experienced. I’m sure she will remember this time forever. I could just picture all the girls bursting into tears over a photo montage with a sad song – I’m a sucker for photo montages too! Hope you all have a lovely break from the school routine and enjoy the sunshine. (It’s freezing here in Sydney). Meredith xo.

  2. Wow, what a busy week! I agree with the previous poster…these will be great memories for her.

  3. beautiful photos of your kids…. my kids just can’t wait to finish school and fly to the philippines. nice vacation for your kids!!!

  4. Such great memories they’ll have!

    Last day of school is exciting here for the kids but it’s pretty much a one day deal, unless it’s high school graduation which lasts for weeks with parties and ceremonies and the like.

    (BTW: I have to tell you, we came back from San Francisco yesterday and in the SF airport, there was a woman with a red-headed little boy and she was calling out to him in an Irish brogue and I almost tackled her and yelled JANMARY, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE IN THE US and risked being hauled off as some escapee from a psycho ward.)

  5. What darling pictures of lovely girls! Love those smiling faces! 🙂

  6. Even though my daughter is 24 now I do remember her leaving the 6th grade. There was a big graduation for them and I know that week was full of something every day. When I left the 6th grade I don’t remember it being a big deal at all. lol

    Stopping over to welcome you to SITS! So glad you’ve become a part of the SITStahood!

  7. such a milestone. you deserve mom of the year for such a party. my moms limit was always three friends.

    I cant wait to have such moments with my daughter.

    visiting from SITS

  8. great happenings with the P7´s at the end of primary school! Wonderful pictures you made!!

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