The Blustery Day

Just like a Winnie the Pooh story, yesterday was indeed a blustery day.

Although just a few miles down the road or inland the wind was weaker, the strength of the gusts and squally showers at the front of the cottage would have taken your breath away.  It was even hard to shut the front door the wind was so strong!

Of course, being the dedicated mad devoted blogger that I am, I dutifully wrapped up warm and abandonned our blazing peat open fire to record the storm for you.

The first place I stopped, on the far side of Dunluce Castle, was so windy the car was rocking, and I parked in the shelter or a larger car before I attempted to get out.  I could barely stand, but took a few photos before returning to the vehicle.

The spray was blowing up the cliffs unto the road and looked like smoke. I was astounded that someone was running IN SHORTS in DECEMEBER in the gale!

I then headed eastward past Dunluce Castle for a few more photos of this dramatic castle in the storm.  Ironically the sea was so churned up that none of the waves looked particularily spectacular, but I was glad I was up on the cliffs, not down on the beach or even worse out at sea!

Next stop was Portballintrae.

The coastline was taking a real battering from the sea and waves.

Between showers I ventured to the wall overlooking Runkerry Strand, and that is where I took the rest of these photos.

Again, with so much swell and foam, everything was so churned up, that the waves in themselves did not look that spectacular or impressive, but believe me I have never been out in quite such terrible weather before. It looked a bit like a vanilla milkshake in a blender!

I was glad to return home to warm up and dry out!

How is the weather in your part of the world?

5 thoughts on “The Blustery Day”

  1. amazing captures – I am getting a chill just looking at them!! You are a brave one getting out there in that weather – hope it calms down a bit for you – what are your plans for new years eve?

  2. Ika Devita Susanti

    Wow… beautiful pictures… I love beaches. I spend two years on the island and the water was very clear. I now live in my hometown again and living a city life. It’s also good. But i will go to the beach again someday.

  3. Hi JM,

    It’s neither nice nor not so nice here – rather boring, really. I love the contrasts in your post, from all the action and brooding of the storm right into the seat by the fireside which I could swear I felt the warmth of the flames, I did I did.

    Is squally really a word? I like it!

    Love, Barn

  4. Such great pictures. I love the ocean with the castle. I am late here so its Jan 3 but whats funny is one of my daughters went out the front door and I said to her what a blustery day. I started singing the winnie the pooh song. Never mind that she isnt little and was on her way to work. LOL

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