Day trip to Bangor

As the song says …….

“Didn’t we have a lovely time,
The day we went to Bangor!”

(although this folksong was not about Bangor in Northern Ireland, but the Bangor in Wales)

HERE is the link to YouTube – enjoy!

And HERE are the lyrics

Today I headed east of Belfast to Bangor, which is at the top of the Ards Penninsula, as I had a meeting about Janmary Designs.

Both my parents are originally from this area, and my parents now live nearby, so as I drove to Bangor I was remembering some childhood memories.

One of my earliest memories was falling into the Bangor duck pond. Dad was looking after my brothers and I while Mum was at the hairdressers I think. It was only a few inches of smelly sludgey water that I toppled into and although the ducks were rather alarmed, no harm was done.  My memory is of a lady “fishing” me out with the end of her umbrella, and I don’t remember what Mum said to Dad on her return!

As a teen in the eighties I went to a Radio One Road Show in Bangor, on a glorious sunny day with some of my cousins.

As I arrived early for my appointment, I was able to spend some time taking photos (of course!).

Following the first part of the iPhoneology workshop I watched yesterday, I purposely took more photos with my iphone, using some of the techniques that were suggested.

Maybe it will be obvious to you – but can you tell which 3 images were taken with my iphone 4S? The rest were taken with my Canon DSLR?

Bangor was a popular Victorian seaside resort especially with day-trippers coming on the train from Belfast. There is a modern marina, still overlooked by some colourful period homes, many of which were hotels or bed & breakfasts. These two properties were built in 1883.

As with most towns, Bangor has it’s fair share of closed down businesses and vacant areas ready for redevelopment, but I quite enjoy taking photos of urban decay! The flakier the paint the better!

On to my meeting, which was with the lovely Jennifer Kelly Image Consultant in her new premises at the bottom of Gray’s Hill, Bangor, just above the marina.

I am delighted to share that as of today Jennifer is stocking my handcrafted Janmary Designs jewellery.

A few more images from Bangor.

After my productive morning, I had lunch with my parents in Newtownards, and brought back something old, handcrafted and beautiful – but I won’t share it just yet! You will have to wait a little longer.

So that was my day ….. how was yours?

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  1. When you said Bangor, I thought you meant Maine, US! I didn’t realize there were so many! Lovely pictures.

  2. Ah Bangor…when I was growing up Bangor was a real summer day trip – my gran, mum, sister and I caught a bus into Belfast then another to Bangor. We picnicked in Ward Park, paddled in the pool (this was before the marina was redeveloped) had chips and ice-cream and a trip in to Woolies. Skip 25 years or so and I have may own car and can nip to Bangor in 15 to 20 mins! No longer the place for a day trip. A brisk walk along the coast maybe for an hour or so but more than likely popping into a few shops. How things change.

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