At Home with Janmary!

Today I had a lovely “at home” day. The day when all the kids are back to school, and husband is back to work, I love the silence! Just me, the cat, and maybe Radio 5 Live. The house and I seem to physically sigh with relief……and we relax.

Not that I did nothing all day, but I do enjoy being able to get on with things! That makes me sound really anti-social! I love it when everyone comes back home again, but I do confess, I enjoy a bit of peace and solitude too – the joys and privilege of being my own boss and working from home.

So, as the blog name says “Welcome to my world” here is a little of my world from today.

First George and I (George is the cat!)


He loves this perch on the back of the sofa in the mornings.

But this is his “Feed me ALREADY – what’s taking you so long?” look

Later in the morning I “cleansed” my sideboard in the hall so I could finally finish putting away the “good” dinner service.

Do you have a “good” dinner service? Ours is a Royal Doulton one, and if we hadn’t been bought it as wedding gifts 20 years ago, I certainly wouldn’t have one.

I feel guilty not using it more, but it would not have survived so long otherwise.

Another task of my “to do” list was to take the plunge and book my next blogging conference. I am now going to BritMums Live in London in June.

I also discovered another Northern Ireland mum who is also going – so that will be two of us with our norn iron accents.

My 7 year old had some Christmas money burning a hole in his money jar and we ordered a couple of new Skylander figures. He has loved his Skyland Wii game. (No this is not a sponsored post …. I wish it was!). My son has been eagerly been awaiting the arrival of these figures, so we were both delighted, and I was relieved, when Zap arrived today.

In fact this is a photo of Zap and I waiting at the school pick up! (Taken on my iphone of course)

Tonight we had shepherds pie (by request) for tea – I was “allowed” (daughters!) to share pics of it on my blog, but not on facebook!

While making tea I stumbled upon a live iPhoneography workshop by Jack Hollingsworth – it’s free to listen to it live, and I am finding it fascinating. It is on today and tomorrow, check it out if you can.

Tomorrow I am heading to the seaside and Bangor on business, so hopefully I will have a few photos from there to share soon.

So – what’s been happening in your world. today?

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  1. I love my own space and before children had to have time without phones, people, tv etc!
    It was lovely catching up with you today! I haven’t booked flights yet but have a hotel am sharing my room, have booked the hoxton.
    Will email you tomorrow and hope to get to know you better;-)
    Oh we have a good set of crockery buts its only denby

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