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Show and Tell – Teachers Gifts

A while back I came across this inspiration on Saga of the South for teacher presents. It took a while to find the correct shape/size of drinking glasses to match the height of pencils and crayons.

For my daughter’s male teacher, we made him a pen pot/holder using a small drinking glass and crayons.
For two of the lady teachers we used tall pencils and tall drinking glasses.

I used the glue gun to attach the pencils/crayons to the glass – you just need to be quick to attach them before the glue cools and sets on the cold glass.

We bought some gerberas to fill the vases – and I hope these will look lovely on the teachers’ desks.
My middle daughter also requested that I create a bracelet for her teacher. My daughter chose the beads and charms, and also the toggle-style bracelet.

So do you give “thank you ” gifts to teachers? It is usual to do it here in N Ireland, but at the school my daughter attended when we lived in England this did not appear to be a common practice, neither at Christmas or in the summer at the end of the academic year.

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Here are the kids on our last walk to school together. Never again will they all be walking like this together. We reminisced about walking in the snow, pushing my wee one in his buggy up the hills, playing “guess the number of cars which will pass us” and other fun activities. Hard not to use a cliche such as “end of an era”.

Finally, to finish this post, I want to include a wee poem at the back of my son’s record book from Nursery School:

When you get bigger, it’s hard to recall
Everything you did when you were small
But if days get forgotten, in time to come
May this journal give you a feeling of fun.
Echoes of poems, or games or songs.
Memories of rights and notions of wrongs.
The joy of dressing up to pretent –
I hope this will help with
“I remember when……..”

All three of my kids have had wonderful teachers this year, and have all progressed so well. As this year ends, I hope we all enjoy the break from routine and relax before starting to think of September when 2 out of the 3 will start new schools.

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  1. great poem and a fantastic shot of your three!

    We are giving gifts, but mostly when the teacher is changing and another one is coming. Regular we have a teacher for 2 years.

    Love your colourful gifts

  2. We give little pressies at the end of the school year (so for end of school year/Christmas here). Generally handmade bracelets or cards 🙂

  3. love the shot of your kids walking to school, those memories, sigh, it’s sad when those times end…

    love the pencil craftiness, I wish I were a bit more sit-down-and-be-crafty but it seems I rather stick my nose in a book once the evening draws in

  4. You made these? How awesome is that?!!! Great job. And perfect for teachers.

    My Show and Tell is now posted. Won’t you pop over for a chat and a spot of tea?

  5. You are such a great mother and having to fullfil your daughter request is another great effort.

  6. Wow, Janine! What a great amount of wonderful ideas you have shared today! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow, those are the sweetest gifts and if my kids had teachers (we homeschool) I would definitely make them! lol

  8. Yes, gifts are given here. I think the vases are a neat idea and so simple. The bracelet is beautiful. I, too, make jewelry. I was wondering if you buy your supplies online or in a shop?
    Mama Bear

  9. Found you on Hooked on Houses! Loved your post- what neat ideas and great pics!!
    By the way, I have an Ireland trip fund sitting on my dresser!!

  10. I hope those teachers were blown away by these cute and thoughtful gifts. The cup with pencils/crayons is such a clever idea, and the bracelets are just gorgeous.

  11. The presents look brilliant (I’ll have to store that idea away for next year). I can’t get over its the end of school term already, it’ll be strange not hearing the school bell at the end of the street for a few months, I’ll have to remember to look at the clock occasionally.

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