Don and Deborah’s Wedding Day Part 2

The wedding story of friends Don and Deborah continues – you can read Part 1 here.

(I have been having requests to get on with posting Part 2, so here you are!)

The Reception was held in Malone House, located in Barnett Demesne in south Belfast, is an late Georgian mansion which dates from the 1820s.

I love the interior

The flowers from the church were used again at the Reception

And when the bride is a dentist, the bridal favours were appropriate!!

The meal was delicious – this was the trio of desserts

And the wedding cake – 3 tiers – fruit, madeira and chocolate

The beautiful bride again

The bridesmaid Allison with her husband and TEN week old baby (she also has a son in his twenties, and a teenage daughter – it has been quite a year for both Deborah and Allison!)

The tables were moved back for the evening reception, where there was candle light

Bagpipe playing from the groom’s father

Then a ceilidh with scottish dancing – including The Gay Gordans and Strip the Willow!

Later there was champagne, a few informal toasts and some emotional thank yous.

Later Brian Elvis put in an appearance (the groom is a huge Elvis fan), the band played, and there was even a congo or two!

Congratulations Deborah and Don, and thanks for letting us be part of your wonderful day.

Do you have a favourite photo from the day?

These recent posts have been getting LOTS of visitors, but few comments (insert sad face!), so (hint, hint) feel free to comment! It’s quite painless, honestly!

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  1. Hi JM,

    Yayyyy – I’m the first here to comment!

    Seeing these once again makes me all teary – I’ve not been to a wedding for a while and this one is especially touching. I had to do a double take at the teeth in the jar – how FUN!

    So many beautiful touches and I think the presence of so much candlelight really caressed the ambience. I wish the couple every happiness!

    Thanks again, and please say thanks to your friends for allowing us to share in their joyful celebration.

    Love, Barb

  2. Love the wedding favours. Seemed to be plenty of entertainment i’m sure it was enjoyed. Know Malone House well a superb setting for a wedding.

  3. two wonderful parts of the wedding – like both!!
    and your pictures are great!!

    yummy weeding cake!

    Wish you a wonderful 1.Advent

  4. thanks for the post, i used to work with deb but now am back in australia so its wonderful to see these lovely pic of Deb

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