Have yourself a Cookson Christmas – classic tv drama – a review

This Christmas I am pleased to have the opportunity to share the news of a Cookson Christmas on the Drama channel.

As an avid reader growing up, I loved to curl up with a book on a Sunday afternoon (with my back to the radiator!). I was that child happiest with her nose in a great novel. As an adult I tend to need/want to multi-task and I find I read a little less than I used to but I still enjoy a good story. However as you know it can be hard to read and iron, read and make crafts, read and browse on Pinterest!

So ….. it’s much easier to watch a classic drama on TV, although it’s not always easy finding what to watch and there are so many channels to browse from.

When I heard that Drama was having a Cookson Christmas, I thought that was the perfect solution, some of my favourite stories to watch while I iron/craft/browse online, or just relax!

If you don’t know yet about Drama, it is a free to view channel launched two years ago, it predominantly shows classic dramas and is now set to launch a series of Catherine Cookson’s TV adaptations over the Christmas season.

The film I want to share with you today is The Fifteen Streets, which I was able to watch a preview of, and I hope you manage to catch it on TV too.

Like many Cookson novels, it involves a gritty upbringing and romance between two worlds – the life of the local school mistress the life and her love interest John, a docker, whose family disapprove of. There may only be 15 streets between where they live, but it is an entirely different world, and through tragedy and triumph their love is put to the test.

Catherine Cookson's The Fifteen Streets - Picture shows: Sean Bean as Dominic O'Brien
Catherine Cookson’s The Fifteen Streets – Picture shows: Sean Bean as
Dominic O’Brien

There are lots of characters to get to know, and a great story with many twists and turns weaved throughout. I am not sharing the ending …… no spoilers here …… but I recommend you watch it for yourself!

Catherine Cookson's The Fifteen Streets - Picture shows: The O'Brien's
Catherine Cookson’s The Fifteen Streets – Picture shows: The O’Brien’s

So there you have it, if you have the opportunity to watch The Fifteen Streets I would love to know your  thoughts on it – please share them with me and make Drama the first place you look for quality dramas this Christmas! 🙂

Other bloggers are joining in with the celebration of the Drama channel, so I would love you to visit Ali from Love in a Nutshell, to check out her review too.

Disclaimer – this blog post has been sponsored by Drama, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own – I did really love the film, honest!


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