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A Carol Service or two on the 18 December

Today was “Carol Service Sunday” – in the morning we had the Sunday School Carol Service – with probably over 100 kids taking part.

The youngest 2 classes performed the Nativity

With the inevitable cute sheep, cows, angels, wise men, shepherds, inn keeper, Mary, Joseph and of course featuring Baby Jesus. Our son was one of the wise men.

The Bible Class provided the accompaniment to the service.

And here are our sound crew.

This evening was the traditional candlelit service with 9 lessons and carols, and I refrained from taking photos!

However, I would love to share this video clip with was shown as part of the service.

The carol service is always followed by a Christmas Supper served by the choir – and Jackie made her traditional Christmas Cake which was served along with mince pies and shortbread.

Have you been to any carol services yet this year?

Tomorrow my eldest turns 14 – eeek! She was not due until January, so we had an unexpected early arrival.  Here she was the day she was born:

I have now managed 18 days blogging in a row – can I make it to Christmas Day? Time will tell! Join me to find out!

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  1. Your doing brilliant blogging this month of course you will make it to Christmas. I an enjoying checking out your festive activities each day. You have a great crowd if children and young people at your church. I love carols and really enjoy singing them but I really am not very tuneful.

  2. your life is so filled with wonderful things right now -!! how do you find the time and sanity!!! So enjoying your daily posts!!!

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