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Hall / Entryway Makeover Update {more pics}

The work continues ……

This week we have

new lights in hall and landing (more pics to follow of those (when we get all the lightbulbs we need)
a light in the new cupboard under the stairs
painted walls, and first coat on the skirting boards and door frames

a completed bookcase

SOME new doors – some are glazed to bring more light into the kitchen and hall. I am really pleased how these look already.

SOME handles on some of those doors!
a working doorbell!!!

From this side of the door, in the living room – it almost looks finished, so I am sitting in here by the fire, pretending there is NOT chaos beyond!

All we need now is…….

more doors – 8 to be precise!
more painting
a carpet in the hall, stairs, landing and dining room

…… by Friday……. pretty please!

(Having a 13 year old’s birthday party here on the Saturday – eeek! No pressure!)

Here is a reminder of where we started – how it looked a few weeks ago (and for the last 14 years!)

I am also itching to start my Christmas decorating.

Regular, faithful and longstanding readers will know I have a Christmas tradition of blogging daily in December.  I won’t be able to get the Christmas decor down from the attic but I am making do with a few bits and pieces either purchased or that missed the great-Christmas-decor-packing-away after last Christmas!

So here is today’s Christmas decor image

I do love using “words” as decor, not sure why, but you can see a whole post about some of my Christmas words HERE

Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Please share.

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  1. looks great but why does building work etc all take a lot longer than planned?
    We have our tree up but that is normally all we do.

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