Lessons Learned – already!

It is never too early in the year to learn some lessons, and I am even a day early with my “What I Learned this Week” post, but taking the chance to blog now.

So this week I learned :

  • Enjoy your sale purchases – even if they don’t have a function other than to make you happy!

(Love that little bird!)

  • Never to take central heating for granted
  • Never underestimate the joy of an electric blanket
  • Enjoy the first year some of the kids can managed to stay awake until midnight on New Years Eve – with the help of 2 dvds, marshmallows and more!
  • Never be surprised to see EASTER EGGS already on sale in the supermarkets. I am sorry but it is just TOO early!
  • When the 4 members of your family go bowling (I was just spectating/cheering from the sidelines) and they age between 5 and 41, don’t be surprised when the 5 year old won!
  • There is something very satisfying in packing up the christmas decorations, I love Christmas, but I love my house back to “normal” too.

So, what have you learned this week? Do share, and check out (tomorrow) at Jo-Lynnes blog Musings of a Housewife.

Finally, if you blog and have moved from blogger to self-hosted wordpress – do you recommend it? Any regrets? Anything I should know?

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous New Year! I too love Christmas, but can’t wait to put it away (but never before New Year; bad luck you know.)

    Curious to hear about WordPress, as well 🙂

  2. Looks like you have been having fun – and I LOVE the tree!

    I switched from blogger to wordpress last summer and I thought that wordpress was easier, but I am probably not one to ask, judging from the look of your blog (it’s beautiful!) It was super easy to switch all of my old posts over, though.

  3. Christmas is put away and I’m working on streamlining our front room!

    Wonderful things to learn!

  4. I saw Easter at Target today – it was mixed in with the Valentine stuff – geesh. How many holidays can they market in one month?

  5. love your “lessons learned”

    I´ve learned that there are friend where I didn´t expect them.

  6. Sounds like you might be having some cold days and nights.
    I like getting things back to normal too but I enjoyed having the decorations up too.
    I haven’t really been out shopping much to see what is out there.
    Mama Bear

  7. I was writing my comment above and couldn’t remember what I had meant to say as I read your post. It wasn’t until later that I remembered. So I came back. In the photo of the girls above, I noticed the cat was covered up. My cat has a place on the middle cushion of the sofa and is often found there covered by a blanket with not even his head showing.
    Mama Bear

  8. Love the bird too – what a great detail. I can’t believe there’s already valentines day stuff in our stores. I was trying to find winter crafts – all gone.

  9. Cool lighting on the bowling pic!

    Here’s my m only word of caution switching from blogger to self-hosted WP. You are trading control – blogger has a lot of control over the look and what you can do with your blog BUT also controls the environment that the blog works in, the code, and the server hardware. With self-hosted WP, you gain a lot of creative cotnrol – but also a lot of the headaches as you are now “in the wild”. Please do all upgrades to the core code and plugins ASAP (within hours if not minutes is not parinoid enough!). WordPress has made it easy to do but still some people wait and get caught. As you know, I’m always available for help too!

    Stan as Scrappers Workshop

  10. wonderful photos! so you have packed all your christmas decorations? i have too…last sunday. i felt a bit sad taking them down but i know the season is over. my elder daughter was asking to keep the christmas tree on display but i said we cannot. she said she feels sad that i have to keep it already. anyway, back to normal.
    i haven’t gotten the parcel…i don’t know if i have told you already… if i have, sorry i told you again. i am still hoping it will arrive.
    see you soon!!

  11. This will probably be the longest we’ve ever had our decorations up. With my son coming home tomorrow from out of state, we will probably be taking them down in the next few days. I can’t wait LOL.

  12. Love this list!
    That bird IS adorable and I think the tree was a great purchase! I’m enjoying my “normal” house too, but my three and a half year old said it all just looks naked.

  13. JanMary, Amen to houses back to normal!! Electric blankets are sounding good right about now, brrr. Loved your list.

    Tammy@IF Meadows Speak…

  14. I bet the bowling adventure was fun! I’m waiting one more week before taking down our Christmas tree. Jillian’s birthday party is the 16th, so I have to have it down before then!

  15. I am most definitely surprised that a 5 year old won bowling! My goodness! Or maybe I should be disappointed in the adults.

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