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Memories of Boston and Praying for Boston

I  usually share Lessons Learned on my blog on a Tuesday, but following the news of the two bombs in Boston yesterday, this post will be a bit different.

Twice I have spent a holiday in Boston. The first time (before kids) my husband and I spent a few days in Boston in the mid-nineties, as part of a fly-drive holiday in New England.

I remember the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market and the original Cheers Bar. The most notable thing that happened was being asked for photo id to prove I was over 21 as we entered the Cheers Bar – I was 26 at the time!

A couple of years ago we had a wonderful house-swap holiday to Boston and Cape Cod. Here are a few of my favourite pics of the city.


We all enjoyed the New England Aquarium


and my son especially loved the Duck Tours (driving the “bus/boat” on the river)

and the fountains on Boston Common!

I love the centre of Bostonthe mixture of old and new, and managed to go on a photography walking tour – right in the area where the bombs went off yesterday.

When the news came through last night, we immediately thought of friends of ours, originally from N Ireland, now living outside Boston. The husband is a keen runner, so we knew there was a strong possibility that they would have been at the marathon. Fortunately there was an update on Facebook, sharing that they had been at the finish line 30 minutes before the explosions, had been coming out of a coffee shop when the bombs went off. They were home safe and well.

But my thoughts and prayers are with those families who are not home safe and well.

For those injured, for those bereaved.

For some I am sure it was hours before they were reunited with family, not knowing if they were safe or caught up in the trouble.

Those who ran to help and assist must also be traumatised by the experience – some of the photos have been truly horrific and graphic.

So today …….. no lessons to share ……. just a request – pray for the people of Boston, and those effected by the events of yesterday, when it should have been a celebration of sporting achievement, raising money charity and celebrating Patriots Day.


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  1. Hello JM,

    PTL your friends are safe. This is tragic in the 1st degree. I can hardly comprehend it. My Mr and I have run marathons in the past – I wonder how this will change such a wonderful event.

    Thank you for your post.


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