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On the 9th Day of December – how we do Christmas Dinner in N Ireland

One of my favourite meals of the year has to be Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day, although the leftovers on Boxing Day (26th December).

I love the turkey, ham and all the trimmings – stuffing, gravy and of course Brussell Sprouts! (no-one else in the family is so keen on them).  My mum usually provides the ham and the christmas pudding.

This year my husband is scheduled to work on Christmas Day (he does it one year in 6). He will go in to the hospital for 9am, and although on-call for 24 hours, hopefully he will get home before the food is served – I will aim for about 3pm on Christmas Day.

These are some photos from previous Christmas Days.

And no Christmas Dinner is complete without crackers

What do you traditionally serve on Christmas Day? Is is much different from ours? Please share.

Last night I had my first turkey/ham Christmas Dinner last night in Ballymena with the Women on The Move group, in the Leighinmohr Hotel. Working from home now with my jewellery business (Janmary Designs) and being self-employed, I don’t have the same amount of office parties and Christmas functions, so it was lovely to attend.

A few photos to share (the hotel had set up a beautiful private room for us) :

Come back tomorrow, to see if we survived my 12 year old’s chocolate birthday party happening here tonight!

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  1. Your Christmas dinner set out on the table looks delicious – I could eat it all. I love roast potatoes. This is the first year I am cooking Christmas dinner myself in my own house. Usually I was at home or at in laws. I hope my table looks as well presented as yours.

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