School’s Out for Summer, end of an era, moving on ….and lots more cliches!

…at least school is out for 2 out of our 3 kids, and for one today is her last ever day at Primary School.

The end of primary school means a few traditions for us –

  • group photos of our kids in their uniforms
  • signing of their polo shirts and sweatshirts by classmates and teachers
  •  end of year teacher gifts – faithful readers will recognise these – this is the third year I have attacked drinking glasses with pencils and a glue gun!
  • gifts for special friends created – they have spent 7 years together – they will never be all together in school together again 🙁

I had wanted to share some photos of my daughter back on her first day of school – but am not permitted (!) but you can go HERE on my blog to see it! Go on – it’s worth a look – scroll down in that post.

Can’t believe her primary days are over……in September she will be joining her big sister at grammer school.  This is my 9th year of having at least one child at the school, and only another 5 years to go before my youngest leaves too!!!

Unlink when her big sister left, when EVERYONE was crying, today they all came out cheering and with big smiles. Later this evening there will be a BBQ and party for the P7’s – maybe then the tears will flow – for the parents if not for the kids!

Do you have any end of school year traditions or memories – as always, please share 🙂

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  1. we haven´t any end of school year traditions, sad to say.

    Love your traditions and also your great idea with the key chain… cute the shots of the first school day

  2. I can’t remember if I had any traditions when I was a kid, I let everyone sign my shirt and at the end of 5th year we had a barbecue and burned (melted) our horrible PE knickers with the go faster stripes up the side:)

    This is only my second year with Chloe in school and last year we headed to Crawfordsburn for the day after school was over so we might try to head there this weekend if the weather holds.

  3. Hi sweet friend,

    I tried to comment you yesterday, but you know how blogger can be so fickle. It just would not take my comment so I’m thinking it was not meant to be.

    Your post has me all teary eyed – I love/hate these milestones. On one hand it makes you burst with pride and excitement for your children, on the other hand its a time of heart-review wondering if there were things you might change if you had to do it over again. Well, you did great – isn’t it a time to thank the Lord that everyone arrived at this day happy, healthy and your family so close?

    Why is nature like that, that kids get camera shy at this age, yet double their age and they will be so grateful for all the pics you pestered them for. I think we just think we will live forever when we are their ages.

    The keytags is a fabulous idea – a good reminder almost every day to treasure the memories. You’re so clever.

    I am praying for you as you move through this busy time.

    My love,

  4. Wow since I’ve known you your kids have grown up so much they are beautiful!!
    I can’t wait to meet them
    And your little boy just has this “spunkiness” about him
    Your pencil craft is a wonderful idea
    I may try it in my office for a pop of color
    Have fun this weekend
    Again wish I were going too

  5. sorry I can´t post in yahoo/flickr – so I´ll do it here…

    wow, how beautiful is your new jewellery! Is there space inside the (a) heart(s) for a picture?

  6. if you´ll have sometimes a jewellery with hearts which do open for a photo – please tell me!!

  7. Awww – it’s bittersweet, isn’t it? I absolutely adore your gifts! How sweet are they? LOVE LOVE LOVE the autographed shirts!

    This year marked the last year of elementary school for my youngest. It’s on to middle school now for her. And my eldest will be in her very last year of school this upcoming year and then it’s off to college. OMG.

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