Taking time to relax

I am taking part in Hooked on at Hooked on Houses and Beautiful Life at The Inspired Room this week, as this week I am hooked on RELAXING.

It has been a quiet week up at the cottage, with warm sunny weather for most of it.

We don’t tend to travel too far when we are here on holidays on the north coast of Northern Ireland (also known as the Causeway Coast) – from Ballycastle “round the corner” to the East, and as far as Mussenden Temple to the West. Within those two points there are numerous beaches – from little rocky coves to wide stretches of golden sand. The kids love to explore the rock pools and what is it about burying a sibling in the sand?

They have been so contented to potter around on the beach, that for the first time in years I have managed to actually read CHAPTERS of a book on the beach! Of course the camera came too, and the kids obliged!

As you can see, our cat George is taking this relaxing VERY SERIOUSLY indeed, and spends many hours perfecting his poses!

Heavy rain came this morning, so we headed for the cinema to see “Ice Age 3”. I was bemused when 2 of the characters both mentioned my blog “Welcome to my world”!!!

Our lovely neighbour shares her internet access with us, and the connection is great, so I have been able to catch up on lots of blog reading in the evenings, and have watched very little TV.

It has been lovley to have no schedule, after such a hectic time as school finished up last week. I find it takes us all a few days to adjust to the lack of schedule, then we relax into it, and just enjoy each day as it comes. Around lunch time we may say “park or beach?” and take it from there….bliss!

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I have also been making lots more jewellery for janmary designs – this is my latest creation – a toggle charm bracelet with cute glass cubes and assorted charms.

I have also been making more necklaces, phone charms and ear rings. They will be in the store soon, and for the month of July I am offering FREE SHIPPING.

You can visit my Etsy store by clicking on the image below.

Take care, and I love your comments!

16 thoughts on “Taking time to relax”

  1. Donna Childree Gotlib

    I always love your photos. It’s such a pleasure to stop by and see what you post.

  2. Great kid photos, as always! I really love your snoozing cat photos. We are looking forward to doing much the same thing in a few weeks at our cabin. Ahhhh, summer vacation!

  3. Those are some great photos! Your jewelry is beautiful too! Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day! 🙂

  4. Oh that looks lovely, the rain arrived a little earlier here, actually Wednesday the first day of the Summer hols:) Still hot though so we’ve just been milling about and taking it easy.

    The jewellery looks beautiful, I’m looking forward to seeing the ear rings and necklaces.

  5. My favorite here?
    Your kid pics and cat.
    What a lovely family.

    Sounds like you are having
    a wonderful time away.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  6. Creative Junkie

    OK – that cat picture is cracking me up!

    As soon as we get past July 4th, our summer should be relaxing.

    Should be.

    I have learned not to hold my breath on that one however.

  7. Linda at Lime in the Coconut!

    Oh how beautiful to see Ireland and your gorgeous lad and lassie! LOVE that country!!

  8. Beautiful photos (and beautiful children)! I’m glad you’re having a relaxing summer!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. My husband and I might be heading to Ireland this fall, so you’ll have to let us know if you have any suggestions on things we should see and do!

  9. Isn’t it great that we can all connect on the internet, regardless of where we live. It really does make the world smaller.

    I love Hooked on Houses and a Beautiful Life at Melissa’s. I guess I follow some of the same blogs that you do.

    I love the photos you took of the children and your kitty. Enjoy this time while you can and …relax.

  10. bentonflocke

    wonderful new stuff you had made – love all of your bracelets etc.

    Great pictures as always. My favorite is your daughter, with open hairs!

  11. I just lovelovelove your pictures and I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog :o) Thank you for following my blog and giving sweet comments! xoxo

    Ashley L.

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