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Christmas Eve in Northern Ireland

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ….

today we have had an “at home” day, and apart from collecting the turkey, we haven’t been out at all.

The table has been set (with lots of input from my daughters), including the crackers of course!

We have a silver and blue theme going on.

I also decorated the light in the dining room for the first time, inspired by another blog I discovered on the annual home tour of Christmas decor.

The stuffing has been made, a pavlova in the oven, spuds and parsnips peeled, sprouts prepared, serving dishes allocated……. you can read about what I usually cook on Christmas Day HERE

My son as been sort of willingly posing for photos – looking like a wee elf, and I’m not sure if he would go on the Naughty or Nice list today!

He and I have left out a snack for Santa – this year, not quite sure why, it has been decided to give him 2 cookies, 2 mince pies, 2 carrots for Rudolf but only ONE glass of port!

We are back in from our walk to enjoy the neighbours Christmas lights – always fun to see, and one of our Christmas Eve traditions. This is the front of our house this Christmas

For the first time my daughters will join my husband at the Christmas Eve communion service. We recently realised they thought their dad went out at 9pm on Christmas Eve to buy a last minute present for me …..not to go to church!

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? Or memories of Christmas Eve as a child? Please share!

Did you know I have now blogged over 700 times, and in celebration I am giving away a voucher for my jewellery. Comment on THIS post before 31 December 2011.

I’m joining in a Link-Up over at Polkadot Pretties

Merry Christmas!

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  1. You sound really well prepared for tomorrow,lucky you. I am stil in the middle of preparing veg etc but had to stop to feed my little boy and put him to bed hence I get to check out your blog. The photos of your elf son look great. Your dinner table looks fab. Hope you enjoy Christmas Day with your family. Merry Christmas.

  2. We used to open family presents on Christmas Eve when my kids were little – now they’re all grown up, so that tradition is no more in my house … Merry Christmas!

  3. what a beautiful decoration! like you traditions with the walk to see the neighbours lights and with the plate for santa/reindeers

  4. Loved this!!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to link up to my linky party, hope we will see you tomorrow, so you can link up your favourite posts from the year 2011
    Claire xoxo

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