Sports Day Fun

Finally, both sports days have been held at my kids primary school. For my youngest, it is his second sports day.

As a P7″buddy” his big sister got to help organise the little ones, getting them ready, running in the right direction etc!

Last Friday was her own sports day and her last ever at primary school.

On some occasions she was happy for her photo to be taken by me,

but sometimes ….. not so happy!

but she still gave me permission to post the pics here.

I can’t say I have any memories of sports day at my own primary school but it is always enjoyable watching the kids take part.  The senior sports day is particularily exciting, as there are class races as well as inter-house competitions.

Of course it is all about the taking part, not the winning, but try telling that to the teachers during the class races!

Do you have any school sports day memories to share?

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  1. I don’t I am as clumsy as it gets – but looks like your kids had a blast – another year over –
    here they have just started putting out school supplies for the school year – we start in August!!!

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