The Party and the Crime Scene….

Ok – first the party, or should that be THE party.

I had a wonderful evening when we celebrated my 40th birthday. We had the party at home and we arranged for friends who are caterers to supply the food. We had a gazebo in the garden, which helped as we had nearly 50 guests.
The decorations

I really enjoyed decorating the house and garden – almost as much as the party itself! My plan was white candles in the house, and white fairy lights in the garden. I decorated small glasses using double sided tape and glitter – then added floating candles and some ’40’ confetti. I don’t have many great photos, especially outside, but here is how it looked:

The food

Of course, I forgot to take pics of the food, but here is what was on the menu – we had a buffet

Chicken fruity rice salad
Baked salmon salad
Coronation chicken
Tossed salad
Pasta Salad
Waldorf salad
Sweet chilli noodle salad
Baby potato salad with sour cream and chives
Pineapple, orange and coconut salad
and a selection of breads including wheaten bread
Think that was it!


Profiteroles with fresh cream and chocolate sauce
Lemon mousse cake with fresh raspberries
The birthday cake
I requested something different from a large cake with an inferno of candles on the top (!) so was delighted with this – wee fairy cakes with candles in – plain, carrot cake and dark chocolate – all beautifully decorated. This is some of the left over cakes.

Don’t want to include photos of the guests – they may not want to be appearing here, but I will be brave and put up a photo of dh, 2 dd’s and me on the night. (Little ds had finally run out of energy and had gone to bed). For those who know me, or visit here often, you know I hate to have my photo taken, so to put it here is a big thing!!

So on to the Crime Scene.
(Look away now if you are of a nervous disposition)
The other morning, I decided to take a quick shower before getting my son from his room. I could hear him playing quietly – that should have been my warning. Here is the sight that met me when I opened the door –

He had escaped from his cot, and got hold of a large dispenser of Diprobase – an emmollient cream for his dry skin. He decided it was shampoo and liberally applied it to his hair, clothes, carpet, cot, toys…..
Here he is after the subsequent bath – note the not very remorseful face, and the t-shirt says it all!
So finally, a layout or 2

The second was a card I created for a birthday of a daughter of a friend. Credits here at my DST gallery.

So that is me up to date – I do have more photos of some National Trust properties I visited last week, but you will just have to wait a little longer for that one.

Take care

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  1. first I have to say your abc book is A*W*E*S*O*M*E !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I definetly need to do something like that for my 2!
    and thes I see you have a cute, handsome little rascal like I hav*lol*
    and I guess you can´t be angry with him very long with this smile on his face*lol*

  2. great photos JanMary! love the candles and the fairy lights! And love/fully appreciate the photo inclusion of you! You and your family look lovely! 🙂 ooh, the t-shirt does say it all, LOL, but such a sweet little grin!It might be his way of telling you that he is too big for a cot…and now the fun begins with having to put everything up high, out of reach. I personally wish my ceilings were magnets and when I let go of things, they would just fly up and stick to the ceiling! (I have run out of room on top of high bookcases, fridges etc, LOL)
    Have a great week end! 🙂

  3. Love all your candles and lights!! They look lovely! I also love that photo of you and your family, thank for sharing it! Those photo’s of your son are a hoot, wow what a mess, but so hard to punish him with that adorable grin! Lovely layouts, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. ROFL!!! oh how cute little Sam is ~ such an ornery little face after the clean-up hehehehe! can’t wait to see you scrap that 😉

    your party looks like it was a spectacular celebration & you are really beautiful, JanMary! i sympathize as i’m a big camera dodger, too lol!! so glad you had such a wonderful party in your honor 🙂

  5. Great post JanMary! So happy I stopped by! Your party decorations look heavenly – and what a beautiful family you have.

    The crime scene – OH MY!!!! I just KNOW this is what I have to look forward to with Gabe – he too, is TROUBLE (in an adorable way)!

  6. Oh dear! Amazing how creative children can be huh???? What a tale to tell!!!!

    Many blessigns-

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