Beach Feet – I Heart Faces/Feet!

This week the theme for I Heart Faces is FEET.

As soon as I saw this, I knew exactly the photo I wanted to use – one I took last week.

It is one of those reminders that it is pointless telling a 4 year old to stay out of the waves at the beach, no matter how short a time we plan to spend there.

We went to a quick walk on the beach the other evening, and decided at the last moment to NOT change his shoes to his crocs (well, spiderman mock crocs actually!) as “sure, we won’t be letting the kids paddle!”

The draw of the crashing waves proved irresistible to his 4 year old feet, even in his good shoes…..needless to say they have only finally dried out today.

So here is the evidence

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19 thoughts on “Beach Feet – I Heart Faces/Feet!”

  1. Yes, the beach is a magnet to all kids…no matter what they’re wearing and it could even be freezing and they still want to jump in the waves. Great shot!

    PS: I think your DH’s idea would have been a cool photo. Maybe next time.

  2. My son would be the same way! He can’t resist sand or water. Sounds like you have a beach close by, lucky girl! 🙂

  3. michellewaite1

    I took a set of foot shots of the boys a few weeks ago. I might have to enter one of them.
    Great photo.

  4. Hello N Ireland, from Oregon! Thank you for commenting on my photo! 🙂 Always have to love those beach photos, huh? Hope you have a beautiful week!

  5. He wasn’t paddling in the water, was he? Looks like he was just flirting a bit with the waves!
    Love the photo and the story- Thanks!

  6. great shot – and i love the post processing effect – it’s beautiful!

    my feet shot is posted now, too. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O).

  7. Herb of Grace

    Thanks for your suggestions! I did want to crop the rose off center a little more, but I kept having sizing issues… It just wasn’t working like I wanted it too. *sigh* The story of my photographic journey 🙁

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