Loving You

Starting this post with a new layout for an upcoming challenge at The Meadow. The baby is a special little baby called Jonathan.

Have not been scrapping layouts so much recently, but I enjoyed this challenge. I think I need to go in search of a few more challenges.

So what else has been happening? Not much except we awoke to snow on Saturday morning. It was my kind of snow – enough for a snowball fight with the kids, but it had all melted by later in the day.

Another photo to share – we are trying to drop Sam’s afternoon nap so we can avoid the afternoon nappy, which is proving a bit too convenient for him to thwart our potty training. He does not have accidents, but prefers just to wait for naptime and use his nappy. So today, Sam managed to fall asleep, upright, on the sofa. And being the wonderful mother I am, I took a photo…..

Not the most flattering of photos, and he bears an uncanny resemblance to his father when he falls asleep too! But I love them both dearly.

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  1. Your layout turned out gorgeous! I love finding inspiration to scrap in challenges. They’re a great motivator and give you some direction to get you moving. Great pictures too!

  2. Snort! Now we need to see the one of Daddy napping upright so we can draw our own conclusions… buahhahaha…

    Looks like you wrung the best fun out of that snow to be had, JM. Good thing you were snap-happy with the camera.

    Your layout is lovely, and touching. Thanks for sharing. I kept looking and looking and waiting and waiting… and by the way, how’s George these days?

    ~ Barb

  3. Great layouts. Hilarious pictures. No worries about the bloggy break. I have been having one of those lately too. Just haven’t been in the mood.

  4. beautiful layout. it’s so sweet. love it all.

    great photos, seem that they have lots of fun.

    have a nice sunday and week.

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