Joy in simple things

Tonight’s title is, as is my custom, inspired by my latest digital scrapbooking layout.

joy in simple things (Small)

I used a lovely new digital elements kit from Weeds and Wildflowers called I “Heart” You as well as one of my favourite kits Loving You.


If you follow me on Twitter or FaceBook, you may have read that yesterday we went to a go-kart track to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. I have made a mini slide-show – I declined to take part in the driving, but was official photographer instead. Having seen some of the bruises some of the competitors suffered from, I know for me it was the right decision! Appropriately the birthday boy was the winner, and we followed the karting with a great meal.


Karting June 08

Did you notice my new Blog Header? I finally decided it was time for a change, and I have used a photo from one of our favourite picnic spots and view points from the north coast of Northern Ireland, close to Dunluce Castle.  Now that I have learned how to do it, I will try to update the picture regularly.

Due to overwhelming demand (a few nice comments) I will continue to share some more Paris pics.  Tonight’s photos are all about restaurant food, so if you aren’t hungry as you read this, you will probably be soon!

 food 7 a

  food 3 a

 food 4 a

 food 6 a


food 1 a 

 food 8 a

food 9 a


food 2 a

Part of the joy of a holiday for me, is wandering the streets looking at menu boards outside restaurants, guide book in hand, choosing our restaurant with care.  My husband however, usually is too hungry to enjoy this contemplating, and just wants to eat, NOW! So it is a fine balancing act between us, where I have a limited time to consider the options, then we have to decide without further prevaricating! We seemed to have got this down to a fine art, as we had some delicious meals in some lovely atmospheric bistros, without major disagreement.  Our meals included some classics of snails in garlic (not for me!), wonderful french onion soup, coq au vin, salmon risotto, rocket salad with baked goats cheese. We both share a passion for creme brulee and strawberry tarts and were never disappointed in Paris.

So how do you choose your restaurants on holidays? Let me know!

Hope I have whetted your appetite, and that you will return again for more foody photos, digi layouts and who knows what else…….


Until then, take care, and you could of course leave a comment!

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  1. Love the picture header!
    Love the scrapbook layout!
    And I love the pictures!
    And now for the deciding where to eat…if we are going away on a vacation, my husband has talked to one of his clients who has visited where we are going and has a LONG list of places to go to eat, and things to do. He wouldn’t dream of leaving without knowing where the FOOD was! He LOVES his food!
    Me, I would probably go to where all the people were!

  2. great new header!
    as far as food goes – sometimes we toss a coin… it always depends on who’s hungry for what flavor. we ate in a southern gourmet place this past weekend & it was yum.

  3. I think your new header is very nice – the fence fading off into the distance makes me think of a journey, our journey along with you.

    I enjoyed your slideshow (the webshots slideshows are so nice, are’nt they, clean, sleek!

    Good think I ate dinner BEFORE visiting your blog, for your photos would make me salivate! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Find a local and ask where they eat regularly.

    We recently stayed in Midway, Utah, which is a faux-Swiss-type ski place. We ate at the Homestead where they had the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten. And then, for dessert, gratino. (sp?) Words cannot describe. And I haven’t had much luck finding a recipe, either.

  5. Hey Janmary

    Thanks for all your comments. You’ll have to get elaine on here too so she can leave me comments too!!

    Love your new header…would i be right in saying it looks familiar??!! 🙂

  6. Ah, you are reminding me of the trip I took with my mom, dad, and brother in August of 1990. We went to Scotland and England, and that is the first time I ever heard anyone refer to our vacation as “holiday.” I loved that!
    And the menus posted in the windows? I loved that, too! We took advantage of that pre-view many times. I certainly liked being able to check out what was available before we entered the restaurant.
    Thanks for this little trip down memory lane. *grin*

  7. Thanks for your comments on my blog! I really like your scrapbook layouts – I keep saying I am going to start scrapbooking but never do. Now I am seeing lots of people doing digital scrapbooking and think I just might be able to handle that!

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