We are human too!

So my daughters have been begging me to teach them some digital scrapbooking, and together we made some thank you cards and a book mark for their teachers.


mrs mcd bookmark copy

It was good fun, and already they are getting to grips with  it. I have edited the cards to erase the teachers names and protect the innocent, but here are their first digital creations.

It was only a matter of time, however, before the inevitable question – When can we have laptops too? Recently we became a 2 laptop family, but I have no intention of increasing that number any time soon. I discussed how we, their parents, really NEEDED our laptops, and they were able to borrow mine occasionally.  I also reminded them, that I had already promised they could “inherit” my laptop, when I next replace it.

They listened to by reasoned argument, took in this information, then totally disregarded it, and repeated the question “So when can we have laptops?”

I replied, not everyone NEEDS a laptop, and not everyone has one, even if they want one.

My 8 year old fluttered her beautiful baby blue eyes and calmly said “We are human too, you know!”.

 Apparently humanity = laptop in our house.

To date, the “human” card has not worked, and I wonder what next possible reason they will dream up.

It has been a busy week, but we finally packed up the cars, and arrived at the cottage last night. Even with the wind and rain it did not dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. 

5 weeks stretch ahead filled with plans and possibilities (my daughters have already made a list) (I believe that may be a genetic trait inherited from me). I hope we also fit in lots of quieter days, where the highlight may be a trip to the local park or some Pooh Bear ice-cream in Portstewart.

For my regular readers, no, not more Paris trip photos (for a change) but an update on The Tale of Two Sofas.

We brought up the replacement sofa part, and after a bit of a challenging assembly, the sunroom which previously looked like this:


now looks like this!

I just need to add a bit of colour with some bright cushions and an accessory or two, and it is finished! You may notice that there are a distinct lack of toys in the room. My husband has ambitiously declared that this room should be child-free. I admire his optimism, but we shall see…….

Finally for today – it is OVER TO YOU.

I am giving you the opportunity to ASK ME SOME QUESTIONS, which I will endeavour to answer to the best of my ability. Not sure what I will do if no-one asks anything, so please, leave a question in the comments.

Thanks so much, and take care ’til next time.

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  1. That rooms looks fantastic! It looks ready to curl up with a book (or a laptop, too!)

    Our girls would agree with the human = laptop equation, but I’m on your side. 🙂

    Have a super day! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Hmm, I think we are soon to be in entering that whole extra computer debate soon!

    Love the new sunroom . .. looks great!

  3. We’re in the middle of the laptop debate with my 11 year old as well!

    Here’s a question for you…what’s your favorite place to visit in Ireland?

  4. I Love, Love, Love your new sectional!

    Laptops. . . we have three in our home … the daddy one, the mommy one and the 15 year old daughters. My boys have desktops in their rooms, but are currently grounded from using them since they cannot keep their discs off of the floor.

  5. Ach! If you CAN do it, with the talent they’re already showing, I say DO it, tho I think an earn/plan (for the actual laptop AND for laptop time?) If they are doing something like THIS and not just playing games, well who can fault them? I have to say that to me, scrapping is FUN.

    I pray you and your family have a wonderful vacation, my friend.

    The couch looks WONDERFUL!

  6. Okay I was SO jealous when I read we headed off to our cottage!

    I read you exculsively on my reader and I am usually at work which doesn’t allow me to link to your site…so I’m sorry about the short comments!

    Anyhow…my question is DO YOU REALLY GET 5 WHOLE WEEKS of VACATION? Does your husband work from home? I’m sure you get to with the way your work…well works!

    Love the newly designed sun room!

  7. Loving the room. If I could get even one tiny room in my house to look like that I’d be a happy bunny. It ain’t gonna happen. My 3 year old already loves playing with my laptop. Apparently the dora one she got for christmas just doesn’t cut it.

  8. oh that lounge will look awesome with some bright cushions! how fun! im so jealous about your 5 week holiday…tho im having 4 weeks off in september when i get married so i will look forward to that!.

    um a question…can it be totally random? What is your favourite food?

  9. My kids ask the same question…and I always respond with “when I have the money”. Which they know is going to be really when THEY get the money. LOL

    My mother is from southern Ireland, a small village called Clonaslee in County Leix. So, my question for you is, have you ever been near there?

  10. The sunroom is absolutely perfect – I hope it retains its child-free pristine-ness for a very long time!

    What is your favorite regional food and why? Also, do you like Guiness? That may seem a dumb question, but just wondering! 🙂

  11. Love the digital cards!
    Love the sunroom! Great idea with no kid things! Hope it works!
    Hmm laptops for all humans…great concept! Don’t know that it would happen in my house with all grown boys though!
    Question: How will you do on your holiday besides sitting on your new sofa in your sunroom?

  12. Your sunroom looks wonderful! I also love the cards you and your daughters made…such a fun project to work on together!

  13. I can absolutely love the comment about being human and needing a laptop. I have a 9 and 10 year old who feel the exact same way! And apparently no cell phone=death by embarrassment in 5th grade here. Umm, I remember longing for a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was that age.

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