You asked….I answer

Thanks to everyone who sent in a question for me, and if you didn’t this time, just leave a comment or send me an email, and I will do another question/answer spot soon.

First a new digital scrapbooking layout to share, with my favourite subjects (my kids)

kids july 08 cherish copy (Small)

So on to the questions

Barb asked

Here’s a question for you…what’s your favorite place to visit in Ireland?

There are some gorgeous places to visit in Ireland (do you think I am at ALL biased?), and included in my top ten would be

Dublin City

Kinsale, Co Cork

Mourne Mountains, Co Down


Achill Island, Co Mayo

Bantry Bay

However, top of the list would have to be the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland….which by a happy co-incidence is where we have our holiday cottage.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

Fair Head copy (Small)Atlantic Coast copy (Small)Rathlin Island copy (Small)carrick-a-rede copy (Small)white park bay (Small)Ballycastle Marina (Small)


my question is DO YOU REALLY GET 5 WHOLE WEEKS of VACATION? Does your husband work from home? I’m sure you get to with the way your work…well works!

Well, I am a SAHM/WAHM so some might say my life is a holiday (LOL) and the rest would say I get NO holidays – I just relocate for 5 weeks. The kids get 9 weeks of school in the summer, and we try to spend as much of it at the cottage as we can. My husband gets quite generous holidays, and I get the impression that here in UK/Ireland/Europe we get longer holidays than perhaps US/Canada (would I be right?). This summer he will be taking 4 weeks in total. He is able to commute from the cottage to work a few times a week, then will join us for 3 full weeks of our 5 week “chunk”. Later in the summer, we will all be up again for another week.

Lani askes

What is your favourite food?

I am going to answer this is 2 ways – one for home-cooked food, and one for eating out.

Breakfast Home Kellogs Special K Red Berries and skimmed milk

Away An Ulster Fry (the works: potato bread, soda bread, bacon, sausage, egg…) but this is only about once a year.

Lunch Home Home-made soup or a warm chicken/potato salad with low fat cesear dressing.

Away – Club Sandwich – Chicken/bacon/salad toasted sandwich with chips (fries)

Dinner – Roasted salmon, baby potatoes and baby corn.

Away – Well done steak with tobacco onions

Scrapshana asks

My mother is from southern Ireland, a small village called Clonaslee in County Leix. So, my question for you is, have you ever been near there?

I had to look this up on Google Earth, so I guess that answers your question! But I now know where it is, so if I am ever passing I will let you know 🙂 Apparently it would take me 3 hours and 21 minutes to drive there – in US terms that is probably really close, but here that is far!!


What is your favorite regional food and why? Also, do you like Guiness? That may seem a dumb question, but just wondering! 🙂

Favourite regional food would have to be potato bread and soda bread, and Irish Stew – however I make mine with beef not lamb, so I am sure some would disapprove.

Guiness – ugh – can’t stand the stuff. Give me a Diet Coke anyday.

Cj, the purple diva asked

How will you do on your holiday besides sitting on your new sofa in your sunroom?

The great thing about going on holidays to the same place (which is something I never thought I would do…but that is another post for another day) is that it is so much more relaxing. There is no pressure to pack it all in, as the beaches, parks, shops aren’t going anywhere, so we don’t have to do it ALL this time. We have a choice of half a dozen beaches within an easy drive, from rocky coves, to wide open strands, sheltered beaches, and those with rock pools. There are some lovely walks, great coffee shops, and 10 miles away there is cinema, good shops and indoor soft play places. I also tend to do more baking and craft with the kids.

Of course I have my laptop too, so I manage to do some digital scrapping and blogging, thanks to my generous neighbour allowing me to share her broadband connection.

Because we are less than 90 minutes drive from home, we also tend to be a lot more sociable while on holidays, and often have friends to visit for the day, or meet up with other friends who live up here, or also have a cottage/caravan/appartment. So I am sure are new sofa will be well used by our visitors too!

Phew….did you make it to the end?

Hope so.

As always I am taking lots of photos, and will share more in my next post.

Until then, the sun is shinning so I am off out.

Take care.

18 thoughts on “You asked….I answer”

  1. great to read about you! i wouldn’t mind relocating for 5wks sometimes! 🙂 even though our mom jobs don’t really get a break…

  2. blessedwith5

    Sounds like a great place to live. The pictures are beautiful! You make me envious!

    Enjoy your time at the cottage!

  3. CJ, the Purple Diva

    thanks for answering my question!
    I loved reading what all you will do there and the things there are to do..besides sitting on your new sofa! 🙂
    Makes me wish I was there for a 5 week holiday!
    Enjoy your time.
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  4. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows

    What an interesting post! I would love to visit Ireland. It appears so beautiful!

    My hubby actually does get four weeks of vacation during the year, but he would never be able to use it all at once. He has to spread it out over the year. This is, however, more vacation than average in the States.

  5. I hope to get to the Giants Causeway one day. I love all those photos. Ireland has some beautiful coastlines, reminds me so much of Cornwall

  6. Great Q&A. I think I have a school girl crush on Ireland.

    I have a question for next time. Do you know of other Irish/British/Tasmanian peoples on Twitter?

    Hmm. Another question — Do you get annoyed when Americans tell you they love the way you talk (write)?

    Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  7. Irritable Mother

    “I just relocate for 5 weeks.”
    You had me laughing with that statement! Because I agree with it so much. Sometimes vacation doesn’t seem like much of a vacation because I don’t “get away” from my biggest stress factors – I have to bring them along. LOL

    one of my longest held dreams is to study art in your neck of the woods someday –
    course at the moment I’m worried about getting my young ones off to study 🙂
    I love love love all the pictures and your question and answer session
    HOW FUN!
    and the digital scrapping is way too cool!

  9. What a great blog. I found my way from Musings of a Housewife. I was lucky to visit Ireland, the southern half, 10 years ago before kids. I enjoyed my time there. My husband and I so want to come back and do the north next time. I’ll be sure to come back!

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