digital scrapbooking birthday layout by janmary

Wish you were here? and the 40th birthday in a digital layout

Thanks everyone for your great response to my mini-tour of around our cottage.

The photo that seemed to cause the most excitement was the abandoned cottage. So as not to disillusion any of you, that despite the roses around the door, you definitely would not wish to live in it without a huge heap of work (and money).

Don’t believe me? Co take a closer look in these images (taken last summer when I was feeling remarkably brave and went inside.

Excuse the smell, mind where you step, and tell me which layer of wall paper do you prefer from the samples on show!

I wish to assure you that if you choose to come and visit, you will be invited into a much more comfortable and clean cottage, which although modern, does benefit from the luxury of indoor toilets, electricity and running water that comes from a tap, not down the wall!

For those romanticists among you, here is a local traditional thatched cottage which may be more appealing. This is not our cottage either, (by the way) but I know which one I would prefer to stay in!

So, on to the 40th birthday celebrations for my husband.

Those regular visitors to my blog know I can never resist the chance to create a digital scrapbook layout of any occasion.

janmary christmas traditionsKit used this time is a gorgeous new one from Gina Marie Huff and Heidi Williams, called Follow Your Bliss.

I was really pleased with my new Canon 50mm lens, as I was able to capture some lovely photos around the table at dinner.

We returned from the cottage on Monday, which was the start of a beautiful spell of warm sunshine for 4 days. We did manage to fit in a picnic and a spell on the beach in Portballintrae before heading for home.

On Monday evening, the second part of the 40th birthday celebrations was a dinner out with friends in Bar Retro, part of ThePlough, in Hillsborough. (Warning, turn down your volume before clicking on this link!) It was a lovely meal, which we finished off with champagne back at our house and a surprise song written especially (by us girls) for the birthday boy!

Here are the lyrics, with portions removed to protect the identity of the innocent (or not, as the case may be!)

His name is ****** *******


He comes from ********


And he can play


What can he play?


He plays piano.


Pia, pia, piano, piano, piano


Graded exams are the way to go


Pia, piano





His name is ******* *******


He has a wife, 3 kids


Who love him dearly


They drive him crazy


Drive him crazy


Drop-offs, pick-ups, bath-time fun


********’s always on the run


Family life can be quite mad


But he’s a super Dad!




So finally, ********* ********


You’ve reached the big four-0


But don’t go slow


There’s years to go


Life begins now


Now you’ve turned the big four-0


Making memories as you go


With friends and family


And webbed toes


Happy Birthday ******* *******

That probably makes little sense with some bits (and an entire verse) missing, but you get the idea! It was sung to the tune of The Music Man (a kids song) do you know it? Maybe we should enter it for the European Song Contest!

That is enough ramblings for tonight.

Have a lovely weekend, and I will be back soon(ish).

Take care until then.

11 thoughts on “Wish you were here? and the 40th birthday in a digital layout”

  1. That’s totally cute! I love the pics of the cottage. We have a duplex and right now the side we’re not living in looks about like that! We are fixing these up to rent them out, our investment properties!

  2. It’s just been such a great week weather wise, glad you made the most of it.

    Thanks for the ideas on how to celebrate the big

    4 0 🙂

  3. Yes, the front door picture is very deceiving to what lies inside!

    I really like the scrapbook page you made.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  4. Hello my friend,

    Thank you for sharing your lovely layout – you did a beautiful job on it.

    Thank you also for your photos – ok, so its BAD in there, but thats objective, because now you NEED to go in there, and take some super close ups of that wallpaper, grunge and all. Do you realize it would be an amazing resource for some already ‘grunged’ scrapping paper??? Yikes, let me GET there.

    As you grow with your camera you will find your lens hunting out all sorts of ‘wierd’ things that will be perfect for elements LOL.

    I get many queer looks when people catch me laying on the ground taking macros of cement barriers or the cracks in a telephone pole or…

    Whats your Goober name?
    You can add me… lalalime

  5. Scrapping Servant

    That is one long post, I couldn’t figure out where to put my comment :o)

    I just wanted to say I have been spending a lot of my day searching for digi templates and am now SERIOUSLY contemplating hybrid scrapping!

    I’ll let you know if I never look back.

  6. Beautiful layouts!

    I tried traditional paper scrapbooking and failed miserably (one incomplete Disney vacation book to prove that). I would LOVE to try digi-scrapping but have no idea where to begin. What program do you use to build your layouts? Is it hard to learn?

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