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Welcome to my (part-time) World, and a digi birthday card too!

Today is my husband’s 40th birthday.

Here is the birthday card I created for him

We are going out for a meal with his family later today, and meeting up with friends tomorrow.

I came across this lovely idea through this blog, about Where you live weekend on the Just Pure Lovely blog. The idea is simply to post about the part of the world you live in. As we are up at our cottage this weekend, where we spend some weekends and most of the school holidays (hence the part-time bit in the title) I thought this time I would share a few photos of what I can see within 100 yards of our house.

Our cottage is situated on the north coast of Northern Ireland, close to the Giants Causeway, and outside the village/hamlet known as Lisnagonugue – now there is a name to tackle!

It was a bit hazy when I was taking the photos, but you can just make out the sea, and that is Rathlin Island on the right. On a good day you can see Scotland too.

The view “over the gate”.

This is down the lane – it is a proper bumpy lane, as it has grass growing up the middle!

This is an old abandoned cottage.

The other end of the lane.

Some locals across the road – there are also usually some cows in another field, but only sheep today. In the distance, on the horizon, that is the top of the cliffs above the Giant’s Causeway.

Finally some old dry stone wall in the lane – there used to be lots in the area, but more and more is being replaced by modern fencing.

So that is a glimpse into the area around here.

If you enjoyed this mini-tour, be sure to come back again, and see what I will share next month.

On a Digital Scrapbooking note, the NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) I did make a few purchases yesterday. There were lots of bargains around, and I stocked up on some more NitWit designs, as I especially love to use her kits for baby and kids cards.

Take care until next time. Please leave a comment or sign my visitors book if you have a moment.

Thanks, and have a lovely weekend.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to my (part-time) World, and a digi birthday card too!”

  1. Happy birthday to your DH. Your holiday cottage sounds divine. We’ll be visiting your part of the world in March. Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. That looks like a lovely spot for a holiday home.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby~ I love the birthday card.

  3. Happy Birthday to DH! I imagine you all made him glad that at this OLDDDD age he’s finding himself surrounded by his loving family. It makes me think… wouldn’t it be fun to have your children ‘predict’ where they will be/what they will be doing at a certain age… say, even 1 yr from now, and then to compare when that time comes? Just a thought. Sometimes I have too many of them.

    Thank you for sharing your corner of our world. I’ll do the same one day soon.

    Checking out the NitWit site.


  4. I will be checking out those blogs, thanks for sharing those and your photos are beautiful. Thanks also for sharing a bit about your place.

  5. You live in our dream spot. My husband and I dream of vacationing in your neck of the woods some day. What amazingly beautiful country so, lush and green. Thanks for sharing & visiting my blog.

  6. Okay, I don’t think I saw anyone claim the abandoned cottage, so…


    I’ll be doing the Where Do You Live Weekend carnival on the first weekend of every month. Next one: June
    6-8. Thank you for joining the first one!

  7. HOW beautiful I have always wanted to visit Ireland!! It looks so peaceful and wonderful. I loved reading about your little corner of the world.
    Barb (just pure lovely’s mom)

  8. *giggle* love the card you made your DH!! How funny. I have to admit, I did some funny ones for my DH’s 40th too, although that was before I discovered digital scrapbooking, so they just had pictures on them.

    Love your photo’s too, they are just beautiful as usual!

  9. I love Ireland, and everything about it! Thanks for sharing this, it’s such a lovely idea, and I enjoyed it very very much, thank you!

  10. Beautiful scenery!! I have another bloggy friend who does “Tour Tuesdays” which is basically the same thing ~ photos of the views from their home or surrounding area. I think I’ll do one next week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  11. Diginan,Liz

    Hey JanMary, I loved the photos of your Coastal Getaway and I think I will claim “squatters’ rights” to the abandoned cottage. Was up that neck of the woods last summer attending a graduation at Coleraine, and I envy you so much. Also really liked all your layouts, photos of your kids (especially the one of 6 of them by the water’s edge – image # 6281) Castlewellan Castle and I might possibly be in the background of the 1957 photo, ahhh… to be a kid again in Portrush with an ice-cream cone (poke) in my hand!!!! Cheers for now and I’ll be back soon to see some more of your surroundings. BTW I was born in Co Armagh and now live in Co Monaghan:)

  12. whittakerwoman

    Wow, I want to be there! Thanks for coming by and saying hi. I look forward to reading more here. H

  13. Overwhelmed!

    Oh, I love this! I really want to get into digital scrapbooking but I don’t know where to start. I’m loving being able to look your designs.

  14. Umm, I think I’d like to book that cottage for a little getaway! I could do with a few days looking at the sea, walking along the gorgeous stone wall, and talking to the sheep!
    It looks like a perfect place!

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