Best thing this year

Another upbeat post for the Daily Blogging Challenge for the whole month of May.

Several things come to mind –

Business-wise it is having Janmary Designs jewellery stocked in more Northern Ireland boutiques including Momento, Wickerman, Jennifer Kelly Image and Gloonan Gallery.

I was thrilled to have my jewellery shortlisted and selected by a panel for sale in the gift shop at the Northern Ireland Assembly up at Stormont in Belfast.

It has been a great so far, and some of my happiest times have been on the beach in the evenings with the kids and my husband.

I really enjoyed hosting an meetup for IN(RL) as part of a global day of Christian women connecting and building community.

Finally NEXT WEEK I will be in Rome with my husband celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary…..can’t wait! Expect lots of photos, and my husband has just recently bought a camera too, so I can feel less guilty about spending so much time taking photos!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear about Rome
    And well you know my answer for the best thing this year –
    Cant wait to see what my best thing from next year will be!
    Enjoy your week!

  2. 20th Anniversary, CONGRATULATIONS! Your jewellery is fantastic and fully deserves to be on sale in Stormont. Evening beach walks are wonderful, you are so lucky to have it so close. Thank you for all your lovely comments too xx

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