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Show & Tell – two little birdies in my back garden

Welcome to my back garden!

Today my Show and Tell is about my back garden, which due to some wonderful recent warm weather, I have spent much more time in than usual.

Last year we had a starlings nest…

and this year we appear to have some house sparrows nesting too.

I love to watch them, and despite appearances of being very relaxed, our cat George loves watching them too!
Last week you saw my clothes line, and in the background the playhouse. I thought I would share some more images from our back garden.

My Dad needs to get all the credit for anything that grows and flourishes in our garden, apart from the weeds. He visits regularly to treat the lawn, cut back and trims, neatens the edges of the flower beds, and generally rescues the things we have neglected!

I recently blogged about an idea of how to use hyderangea blooms to make a bouquet. Finally, the first signs of colour are appearing on our blue hyderangea.

Underneath I discovered these beatiful small flowers. Not sure what they are, but I am sure Dad or Mum will educate me!

I love our maple whatever the season. It has such a beautiful rich colour and a great contrast to the rest of the plants in the back garden.

We bought this climbing frame/slide/swings set 4 years ago, and it is well used by all 3 of our kids, and quite a few neighbours too!

When we moved here 10 years ago, there was nothing but grass and a rather ugly wall. Now it is a lovely sheltered sunny spot.
We call it our back garden, and front garden. I realize many other countries call their outside space a yard. To us a yard is a more practical space, probably covered in cement, and more likely to be found at a farm or a business. So do you have a garden/yard/outside space? Let me know!

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I am also sharing this post over at Hooked on Houses, as I am hooked on my back garden, especially in unexpected gorgeous weather.

This post is also linked to The Inspired Room and her Beautiful Life series, and there was definitely beauty to be found in our garden this week.

Please excuse the weird blue box up beside my header – I am rearranging the “furniture” and it is a work in progress!

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  1. oh, so lovely — I love the playhouse and the hydrangeas! I really want to plant some hydrangeas in our yard. Right now, we rent, but we do have a garden plot, a soccer goal, a dog pen and a small patio in the back yard — we’re working on fixing it up this summer.

  2. I love the little house, the bird feeder, your hydrangeas,some of my favorite flowers. Your yard is so inviting! Just love it!

  3. Oh what a great garden spot!!!! I wish my backyard was more appealing to the eye!

  4. Gorgeous, ours is a bit wild and rambling at the minute. Still Toos loves to go and make up wee stories for herself out there and look for spiders in the undergrowth.

    I have a garden now, but when I lived in Belfast I would have called it a yard. Big enough for a wheelie bin and an oil tank:)

  5. Haha, George watches with his eyes, but his mouth is making appreciative noises too, I bet!

    We have these same two types of birds here – so many starlings, attracted by the vineyards and fruit trees. Many farmers try to scare them off with noise guns or flashing bits of silver and red ribbon hanging from tree branches.

    Your back yard looks like a nice, quiet place – so green and lovely!

    Its hot hot hot here this week! The lake is getting closer to having my toes dip in every moment.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  6. Just beautiful. You know I’m partial to cats, so I have to say that George stole the show in this round of pictures!

  7. I’m visiting from Hooked on Fridays….

    I love blue hydrangeas!! Yours are much farther along than mine — mine are still just tiny little white flower heads inside the leaves. They should start blooming around the beginning of July.

    Your backyard looks like a peaceful & relaxing place to spend the summer πŸ™‚

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. You are officially the first Irish entry in our Jamie Drake giveaway πŸ™‚ Good luck!!

    I’ll definitely pop over to check out your upcoming makeover and to explore more of your blog πŸ™‚


  9. what touched me most about your post is the fact that you dad comes over your house every so often to take care of the plants…. it touched my heart!! i suddenly missed home…and my parents. treasure these moments for not so many of us get the chance like that. beautiful picture by the way.

  10. I love your yard and all the beauty it encompasses! What lovely pictures to share!

    We are actually re-doing a portion of our yard right now, but have been totally hampered by the rain.. πŸ™ Before and After pics will be arriving shorty I hope though!

    God bless-

  11. Nate is in charge of decorating the lawn and because he loves to work outside, we do have gardens and they actually have plants and flowers that are thriving, provided I go nowhere near them.

    Our hyderangeas are blooming as well – they’re so pretty! We have some pink and some blue. It’s like a baby shower out there!

  12. oh your garden is so beautiful – all these nice plants and birds and I love playhouse! Seems you had a wonderful place for relaxing!!

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