Lessons Learned at a One Direction Concert

This is what I learned this week, courtesy of taking my daughters and their friend to a 1D (One Direction) concert last night.

1. If you are under 14 you must have an adult with you to attend a concert at the odyssey, Belfast…..so I just HAD to accompany my younger daughter, along with my older daughter and her friend. This is my older daughter and her friend

2. We purchased the tickets OVER A YEAR ago! So fortunately the girls still liked them and the band hadn’t split up!

3. I was “allowed” to come along as long as I didn’t embarrass them …. Think I succeeded but maybe I should ask them.

4. There is much more planning into what you wear to a concert than there was when I was young(er)

5. It is useful that the only cd played daily in my car since Christmas has been the One Direction album “Take me home” so you know ALL the words (not that I was singing along of course!)

7. We had great seats in a tier in the south stands – but I was glad I was not the one who slept out overnight to queue when the tickets went on sale!

8. “Big” cameras not allowed, but girls enjoyed using their point and shoot cameras and I of course had my iPhone. All the pics in this post were taken by my elder daughter (I had to point that out and make it bold!)

9. Some teens get so emotional when 1D appeared they started to sob (while simultaneously trying to sing and scream – not an easy task!). There are photos, but I am not allowed to share them.

10. It was great to be able to “hear” the music over the crowd singing/screaming – by using ear plugs! It took away the deafening part, and the lyrics were audible. Ear plugs are my new best friends!

11. One Direction were punctual on stage – and performed for two hours – no diva (or Beiber) delays or performances cut short.

12. I realise how old I sound when I comment on the band’s punctuality and I take ear plugs to a concert……

I think I don’t just sound old …..

I am old!

13. You can write an entire blog post while waiting in the treating room at the Health Centre for a blood test (a routine checkup following my surgery for hyperparathyroidism – it’s been two years!) and it took 90 minutes of waiting for the blood to be taken!

So there are my lessons learned from a One Direction Concert! More lessons learned over on Julie’s blog.

What have YOU learned this week?

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