Skylanders Half Term Homework!

My son is a huge fan of all things Skylanders, so when a parcel including a yellow folder, a new Skylanders figure and a “homework” book he was delighted.

When he realized the “homework” book was actually for the PARENTS to learn about all things Skylanders he was even more delighted!

For the uninitiated (or those who don’t happen to have 8 year old boy at home) it is an adventure game which uses both a games console (we have a Wii) and actual physical toys which can interact on the screen during the game.  My son often just plays with the toy figures, acting out his own imaginary stories, without the need for a screen, which is great too.

It has been fun learning more about the Skylanders, and my son has loved quizzing me on the Skylanders facts. He really is the expert, and I am probably frustratingly slow to pick up the difference between an Elemental Source, a Portal and a Portal Master. Never mind learning how to pronounce Arkeyan or Kaos.

There is an incredible array of characters – Skylander Giants, Lightcore Skylanders, Series 2 Skylanders etc but my son is always at hand to correct me keep me right.

Each Skylander has a strength against certain characters and a weakness against overs – so some tactical use of characters seems to be important too.

So, my time at attempting to learn about Skylanders is up – I wouldn’t say I am an expert, but I definitely know a wee bit more than I did before!

Thanks to the Skylanders PR team for providing our family with the homework pack and folder. The folder is proving particularily popular as a schoolbag, and as it is so distinctive he hasn’t manage to lose it or forget it ……. yet!

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  1. Ohhh I bet my Mr would have loved to play with these if they were around when he was a kid. Thanks for sharing – its good advice when we might have to buy a gift for a young man!

    Hugs to you!

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