iPhone Friday – Mobile Phone Photography course in Lisburn

This week, for iPhone Friday I want to share about the first Mobile Phone Photography workshop which I taught last Saturday at the Island Arts Centre, Lisburn.

 (as usual all photos in this post taken on my iPhone)

As I set up the classroom, waited anxiously for the “students” of course I took an iPhone photo!

 It was lovely having my bloggy friend Kimberly Gewein (font celebrity extraidonaire!) in the class too (she happened to be visiting from Florida)

Here are a few of the topics we covered during the afternoon

  • WHY mobile phone photography
  • Capturing
  • My top camera apps
  • Top tips for taking photos
  • Practical session – taking pics!
  • Editing 
  • My top editing apps
  • Step by step editing
  • Sharing
  • The wonderful world of Instagram
  • Creative apps
  • Making collages
  • Adding text

 Here are just a few of the fantastic images taken, edited and shared by the students on the day of the course

If you have a photo or more to share, link up below to iPhone Friday. Please link back to this blog if you can, thanks.

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